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Goodbye Hangover, Hello Ginger Beer

By Ariana Crespo

For more than five years, American Karl Spaeth has been researching and experimenting with flavors and ingredients to perfect his ginger beer,...

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The Noble Knight of Samara

Once upon a time a noble knight from the kingdom of Cartago ventured out into the world.  He...

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The End of Old Nosara

Hard line telephones did not arrive in Nosara until the mid-80's and when they did they appeared...

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PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and OUR ENVIRONMENT

Is Costa Rica ready to implement a deposit on products made of PET plastic?

According to...

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Old Nosara: A New Page is Turned

In 1979, still recovering from the failed project to build a house on our Pelada property, we...

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President Signs Declaration to Allow Expansion of Nicoya aqueduct

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

“There hasn’t been a community in the province of Guanacaste where the subject of water resources hasn’t been mentioned.” These were the...

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Heavy Heat and Agreement Toned Down March Convened on July 25

By Henry Morales -

Just as planned, a group of about 800 people marched peacefully this morning in the streets of Nicoya in protest to the government of Costa Rica...

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Wasp Discovered in Guanacaste Named After President Solis

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

President Luis Guillermo Solis was not only given the piglet “Daniela” as a pet, but now he will also have a wasp that bears his name.

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Santa Cruz Residents Reject Exploitation of Nimboyores Aquifer

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Crying out in unison, “Water is not sold! Water is defended!” about 50 members of the El Llano community of Santa Cruz greeted President Luis...

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What Do Nicoyans Have that Makes Them So Special?

By Ariana Crespo -

In Nicoya, life seems to move to a different rhythm. The day passes more slowly. You walk down the streets peacefully. The air you breathe...

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Police News

Nosara Tourist Police and Public Force Have Four More Officers and Two New Patrol Cars

By Wilberth Villalobos

Although Minister of Security Gustavo Mata thinks the district of Nosara does not have a high crime rate compared with other parts of the country...


Advertorial- Bodhi Tree, A Paradise You Won’t Want to Leave

By The Voice of Guanacaste Comercial Staff

You always leave better than when you arrive at the Bodhi Tree Hotel and Resort, a place full of beauty and good energy.

This hotel,...


Annexation Cultural Festival Took Place Without Health Permits

By Wilberth Villalobos

Most of the municipal council members showed dismay upon learning that the recent Annexation Cultural Festival, held July 20-26, did not have an...

Everything Comes Together at Fusion

By Mary Smathers

  Jairo Cordero started out in Nosara area kitchens as a dishwasher. Determined to learn to cook, he worked with various chefs at Harmony Hotel,...


Solis about the Nosara Dike: "Dikes Damage the Rivers"

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Although the president of the republic, Luis Guillermo Solis, did not visit the Nosara dike during his tour of Guanacaste, he stated that a...

Government Said Appeals to Maintenance Contract Delayed Work on Route 160

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

With the sea breeze and paradise-like waves of Garza Beach as a backdrop, President of the Republic Luis Guillermo Solis became the first...

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How Well Do You Recognize the Guanacaste Tree?

By Henry Morales -

To the untrained eye— and even some who are considered experts too— the Guanacaste tree has similarities to the Giant Banyan or Strangler...

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Las Catalinas Company Proposes Project to Access Dantita Beach

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

With a project that will cost more than $700,000, the Las Catalinas tourist complex hopes to open universal access to Dantita Beach.   This was...

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The Two Types of Guanacastecans


In life, there are always two paths to take, and that is how we Guanacastecans are. In conjunction withcelebrating theAnnexation of Nicoya,...

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Photo of the week

Early morning in the Tempisque river bridge between the high and lowland of Guanacaste.

  by Cesar R. Barrantes
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