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National Registry About Nosara: “Administrative Warning Does Not Freeze Real Estate Transactions”

By Emiliana Garcia y Wilberth Villalobos

A press release from the National Registry reported that the administrative warning issued on March 24th “does not freeze real estate transactions...

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Wine and Fire

One night in the late 70’s we survived an invasion of bats and total family chaos that occurred...

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Divine Delivery

I wasn’t actually in Nosara for the next story, which has a number of authors and even more...

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Time to Have Fun

When loving Venus shifts into playful Gemini on the 12th, the speed of life increases and we are...

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Mixing it Up

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something,...

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Guanacaste Hospital Innovates with 3D Operations in the Country

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

After 40 years of having to drag his right leg and live with the pain, Costa Rican Rigoberto Salazar can walk normally thanks to an operation in...

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Among the Paths: Cerro Negro

By Ariana Crespo

The breeze is fresh in the morning and the heat is not stifling during midday. The view is expansive, sweeping and green. Its land is fertile and...

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Conavi Finishes Bridge Over Río Ora Six Years Later

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

After six years of going back and forth, the National Roadway Council (Conavi- Consejo Nacional de Vialidad) finally has the budget to complete...

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Suray Carrillo Says Guanacaste Legislators Don’t Speak Up in Plenary Sessions

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

“I would like to know what Marta Arauz (National Liberation Party legislator) has done for Guanacaste, or any of the three Guanacaste...

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Hojancha’s Trash Is Angelica’s Art

By Henry Morales Navarro -

Materials that are garbage and clutter for many are opportunities to create something new for Angelica Rodriguez, something that is useful for her...

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Playa Carrillo Wants to Recover Ecological Blue Flag

By Henry Morales -

On March 31st, during the municipal council session held in Puerto Carrillo, the president of the council, Nery Arias, called for neighbors to...


Work Will Be Done on La Esperanza – Cerro Negro Route After 13 Years

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

The Municipality of Nicoya will finally work on the road between the communities of La Esperanza of Nicoya and Cerro Negro.



Samara: The Beach Where the Muses Trap Artists

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Samara might be the coastal town of Costa Rica with the greatest number of artists per square meter. Writers, painters, sculptors, musicians,...


Nicoya Municipality Freezes More Than 500 Properties in the American Project in Nosara

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

The National Registry issued an administrative warning to 562 properties that are located within the American Project in Playa Guiones, Nosara....

Police News

Young Man Shot in Nosara Was Transferred to Hospital Mexico

By Shaslinsg Viales Chavarría

On the evening of Saturday, May 16, a 28-year-old Costa Rican man identified by the last names Zuñiga Zuñiga was wounded with a firearm. The...

Mala Noche Restaurant brings tico flavor to Guiones

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

There are bad nights that leave you with a wounded heart or a severe headache. However, in Nosara there is a “Bad Night” (Mala Noche) that will...

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Immigration Falls Apart on Saturdays at Daniel Oduber Airport

By Wilberth Villalobos

The task of quickly and efficiently taking care of passengers entering the country through the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia has...

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New Police Chief for Nandayure: “The Essence of the Public Force Is Prevention”

By Henry Morales -

With 47 years of age and more than 20 years in his career with the police, Marco Aurelio Barrantes, from Puriscal, assumed his position as police...

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Man Caught with Stolen Computers in Nosara

By Emiliana García -

A man with the last names Zamora Montoya was caught by the Tourist Police of Guiones, Nosara, with two laptops and an iPhone on the evening of...

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Photo of the week

Watching the turtles on an afternoon in September.

by Francisco Sánchez
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