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Jaime Gamboa’s Nicoyan Memories

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Hila y Reta (a way of saying “string of words”) is track number 12 on Malpais’s album entitled “A Distant Day.” It’s an...

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The Before, During and After of Staying Hydrated While Surfing

Those of us who practice water sports often don’t realize how much we sweat. That can lead us to...

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Just a Board and Some Rope

Every morning I am grateful to walk on beautiful Samara Beach with my little border collie.  We...

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Street Meat: The Reality Behind the Flavor

It’s undeniable: The...

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5 Superfoods You Must Have in Your Kitchen

When we hear the word superfoods, our first thought is that they are...

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Higher Education in Guanacaste Still Emphasizes Traditional Majors

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

If you are reading this article and you are about to choose a college major in Guanacaste,...

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Long-Living People in the Blue Zone Fight Mental Disorders With Recreation

By Sara Quesada - Contributor

Doña Luz Guevara gets up every morning with the hope that there is enough food in the pantry...

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Ticks: A Little, Big Problem

By Roberto Cruz - 1

Finding a tick might seem to us like a common occurrence, especially in the hot lands that we have in...

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20 companies sign commitment with the Voice of Guanacaste and promise to stop using single-use plastic goods.

By Voice of Guanacaste Newsroom

Some 20 companies in the province have already signed The Voice of Guanacaste’s...

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Small but Stocked

By Eka Mora - Contributor

My godfather had the wonderful habit of giving me ¢...

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Liberia and Santa Cruz want to protect the Tempisque River with Ramsar declaration

By Wilberth Villalobos -

Councilmen and community representatives from Liberia and Santa Cruz agreed to support...


Athletes Hold Guanacaste Flag High

By Noelia Esquivel - Contributor

Kevin Rojas’s day starts before 6am while he is getting ready to go to work. He lifts boxes in a warehouse for eight hours straight,...


Illegal Well Feeds Two Real Estate Developments in Marbella

By Wilberth Villalobos y María Fernanda Cruz

Urban development projects Jardines del Sol and Lomas del Sol in...


Advertorial: Inder Investments in Guanacaste Grew by 560% in the Last Four Years

By Inder

The resources invested by Inder in the four rural territories of...

Eduardos, Food to Escape Reality

By María Fernanda Cruz -


Constitutional Chamber Orders Santa Cruz City Hall to Hand Over Public Information to the Voice of Guanacaste

By Manuel Mojica - Colaborador

The Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court ordered Santa Cruz Mayor María Rosa López Gutiérrez and the coordinator of...

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Sugarcane Crops in Guanacaste Increase, But Benefit Fewer Producers

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

Oscar Fernández is a Guanacastecan who, for 30 years, has grown sugarcane on his 46 hectares of land in Filadelfia. “I’m lucky,” he says, because...

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Guanacaste has sugarcane for a while, but at what price?

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

Sugarcane not only covers more ground, but it’s also become an activity with high levels of...

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Guanacaste Children Will Learn to Care for the Environment with Free New Book

By Noelia Esquivel - Contributor

Through Lucia’s story, a girl that loves nature and wants to protect it, Guanacaste children will be able to learn about recycling...

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Photo of the week

This photo was taken by José Daniel Charpentier Montero on Saturday, September 16 at 5:53pm in Playa Real Guanacaste. The image shows the sky painted with colors just before the sun goes down.

by José Daniel Charpentier Montero
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