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About Us

The Voice of Guanacaste is the first nonprofit, bilingual newspaper in Costa Rica, whose stories and investigations are published in both print and online. Our objective is to provide through quality journalism a voice to communities that rarely are represented in national media.

Every day, a team of reporters, editors, designers, and professional photographers inform our readers with quality and professionalism, working hand-in-hand with the support of our community networks. Together, we denounce the unjust, reveal the responsible actors, and above all, connect communities and make them visible in every corner of the region.

The Voice of Guanacaste was founded in 2002 as The Voice of Nosara. More than just a newspaper, we were a printed bulletin with news from the region. In 2006, John S. Johnson and his wife Susan Short (U.S. citizens who fell in love with Costa Rica and who believe in the importance of local news) acquired the newspaper with the aim of providing continuity to the project, which was facing closure. Beginning in 2010, as a means to respond to our readers’ demands, we began to publish news from Nosara’s neighboring communities.

Thanks to the support of local businesses, financing from the Johnsons and our faithful readership, the newspaper has continued to grow. In 2013, we became The Voice of Guanacaste, providing vital information to communities across the province.

With the goal of maintaining editorial integrity and independence, in 2015, The Voice of Guanacaste became a nonprofit organization.


The Voice of Guanacaste is the only regional newspaper in Costa Rica that produces investigative and data journalism. We have experience conducting investigations on matters of health, the environment, gender, politics, sports and real estate. We also created applications based on data analyzed by our team (see our Water App, Elections App, and our PIAGG App).


To become a benchmark in Guanacaste by fostering progress in communities through responsible and innovative journalism.


We produce ethical, participatory and quality journalism with a commitment to uniting and providing exposure to communities to promote their development.

What communities do we represent today?

We currently cover news from Santa Cruz, Tamarindo, Nosara, Sámara, Nicoya, Hojancha and Liberia. We also maintain a presence in Carrillo, Nandayure, La Cruz, Bagaces and Cañas. Our goal is to actively cover the entire province of Guanacaste by 2020.

How are we funded?

Between 2006 and 2010, the publication covered news in the community of Nosara and was primarily financed through the sale of advertising. In 2010, with the launch of the first web page, and until the end of 2012, costs nearly doubled. During this time, digital advertising was not popular, and the need arose for more private financing.

In 2013, taking into account the successful results in Nosara and analyzing the need to have a local, high-quality news organization, The Voice of Guanacaste was born along with a new digital site. The project expanded to include news coverage throughout the province of Guanacaste while maintaining our commitment to independent journalism. The sale of advertising space continued to be part of the funding strategy, bringing in around 30% of all income, with the rest financed by the Johnson family, our largest donor.

In 2015 the Johnson family decided to transform The Voice of Guanacaste into a nonprofit organization with the goal of continuing our work in an independent fashion and improving the prospect of financial sustainability by making it possible to receivedonations from other sources.

The Voice of Guanacaste funded operations in 2016 in three ways: Advertising sales in the print and digital editions (19%), grants (12%), and private donations (69%).

Expenses that year were distributed in salaries (51.5%), payroll taxes (21.4%), operations (18%), and administration and profits (9.1%).

Quality journalism endures, thanks to you

If you believe covering the news in the province of Guanacaste with quality and professionalism is important, as well as producing journalism that helps you make important decisions, denouncing the unjust and revealing those who are responsible, then please help support our mission.

Click "Donate" and contribute $5, $10 or $20 to our newspaper via PayPal.

You can also make a tax deductible contribution from the U.S by a wire transfer or via checks.  Visit our offices: From Colono Agropecuario, 200 meters east, 25 meters south, Nicoya. Call us at: +(506) 2685-4474, or email us at:

Our Advisory Board

Giannina Segnini is a Costa Rican journalist who has won several international awards for her work at La Nación and on independent investigations. Segnini specializes in investigative and data journalism, and currently teaches at Columbia University’s journalism program in New York. Segnini provides crucial support for our investigations.

Alexander Jiménez Matarrita is a doctor of philosophy and was coordinator of the National Human Development Report by the United Nations Program in Costa Rica. He has won awards for his published books and currently is director of doctorate studies on society and culture at the University of Costa Rica. Jiménez will be our guide when we work on news related to cultural identity.

Mariana Santos is Portuguese. She transcended her profession of designer to journalist while working at the British newspaper The Guardian. Santos now leads the international nonprofit group Chicas Poderosas, whose mission is to eliminate the gap between women and technology, and she was director of the interactive team at (owned by Univisión and Disney). Santos collaborates on visual and interactive elements to better connect our stories to our readers.

Costa Rican journalist and writer Diego Delfino is widely known as director of the website and for his work as editor-in-chief of the magazine Su Casa. His quill will be present in our writings.

Roberto Rodríguez is creator of the tech company 3VOT and of digital applications. His client portfolio includes Univisión, Disney and His vision and knowledge of current technology will be fundamental to our development.

Steve Mack is an attorney and editor from the United States. He worked for The Tico Times for several years. Mack has lived in Costa Rica for many years, and currently is director of the nongovernmental organization Guanacaste Community Fund (Fondo Comunitario de Guanacaste), which seeks to connect financial resources with human resources. Mack will help us during our first steps as an NGO.

Journalist Cyntia Briceño worked at La Nación for nine years and currently is director of communications at Zona de Prensa.

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