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Jaime Gamboa’s Nicoyan Memories

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Hila y Reta (a way of saying “string of words”) is track number 12 on Malpais’s album entitled “A Distant Day.” It’s an assortment written by Jaime Gamboa. It’s pleasant. It’s lighthearted. It’s festive. It sounds like Guanacaste.

There is a line that says “give me the...

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The Great Chef Tía Florita: “I Adore Guanacaste. It’s In My Veins”

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

It’s 3:30 pm. The sound of the train deafens. We are in San Pedro de Montes de Oca and the traffic reminds us of that

An instant later, the noise disappears and a cozy room receives us. We go up the only steps in the entire house. There are five. And then, silence, peace, corners full of...

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Killing Me Softly With His Song

By Erika Mora -

When I first arrived in Nicoya, I didn’t have many friends. I worried about what would happen to my social life. I was used to grabbing a beer in La Cali, a bite in Escalante, heading to Cine Magaly and, most importantly, karaoke bars. 

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Tamarindo Art Wave Festival announces Manuel Obregón

By Andrea Rodríguez -

The pianist and ex-minister of culture, Manuel Obregón will be part of the list of guest artists at the second Art...

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Parrandera: Guanacaste’s Party Soundtrack

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos - 1

You don’t have to be an expert to imagine that a musical rhythm called parrandera (a Spanish term relating to partying) is an explosion of flavor and joy....

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The Festival de la Tortilla in Corralillo’s Growth Challenges Organizers to Find More Volunteers

By Sebastián Rodríguez - 1

Marimba music, the ...

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Veteran Tenor and Troubadour

By Erika Mora -

I can’t stop staring at Don Manuel’s eyes. They’re blue, sunken and still young. We’re at his home on Calle Real, and he didn’t think twice about opening his door to me, introducing his wife and offering me a refreshing beverage.

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Guanacaste Continues Giving Folklore to Costa Rica: The Marimba Is Now a National Symbol

By Andrea Solano B. - Special 3

Once again Guanacaste extends its generous cultural contributions to the rest of Costa Rica. On March 2, President Luis Guillermo Solís signed Law 9419, which declares marimba a “national symbol of Costa Rican culture and folklore.”

The law also designates Nov. 30...

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Cazar: Re-Purposing Home Goods to Create a Personalized Interior

By Mary Smathers - Nosara Citizen Journalist

Emma Kinsey, 10 year Nosara resident who helped found Nosara Artisans, and Lily Walter, owner of Hot Tamale dress shop, joined forces to create a unique home goods store, Cazar.

When Walter...

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Indigenous Youth Create Public Art for Matambú

By David Bolaños

A new mural is livening up the center of Matambú indigenous territory with urban-style graffiti and Chorotega influences, thanks to efforts by a group of youngsters from the community.

The group, which includes people aged 14-20, is named Jóvenes Artistas...

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Show Up, Collaborate (and Drink) This Saturday at the Nosara Craft Beer Fest

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -


December has no scarcity of reasons to drink and celebrate. At the Nosara...

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