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Donde Comer

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“The Magic of Nicoya in a Jar”

It all started in 2016 as a project for their major in international trade and business at the... Read More


5 Superfoods You Must Have in Your Kitchen

When we hear the word superfoods, our first thought is that they are super expensive products that are hard to find in supermarkets. However, what we don’t know is that many of them have been in the Costa Rican diet since our grandparents’ time, as in the case of the blackberry. Like any other food, superfoods have their nutritional value, but... Read More

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Mini Blueberry Tartlets

A few nights ago, spending time with a friend, we wanted to try a different recipe with one of our favorite ingredients: blueberries. Unfortunately, they do not grow in Costa Rica. However, they can be found at SuperCompro, some select supermarkets or even some verdulerias (fruit and vegetable markets). They are called blueberries, but they are... Read More

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8 Tips to Survive As a Vegan in a Rural Village

Fours years ago when I lived in San José, my diet consisted of processed and frozen food products, sandwiches, a lot of sugar and several fast-food options. Not only was I eating badly, but I also didn’t know how to cook or how to eat. Once, I tried to stop eating meat and it lasted about 15 days, because I had no idea how to nourish myself.     ... Read More

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Taste of Nosara I

Nosara cuisine is a modest blend of Latin America and gringo flavors with a greater emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients and with less fire than the jalapeno-laced recipes of Mexico. The staples of the local diet are, simply, rice, black beans, cilantro, chicken and eggs, fruit, vegetables and, when there’s a good catch, food from the sea.... Read More

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Food News

Smoky Love In Nosara

I found the Salty Pelican because a friend recommended it to a friend who told me that I had to go... Read More

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Tasting Peru in the Middle of Nosara

It’s a fusion of flavors and a spectacle for the eyes. This awakening of senses summarizes Peruana... Read More

Food News

Canelazul: Food for Growing Old

Two months ago, award-winning Nicoyan chef Daisy Barrantes opened a healthy and sustainable food... Read More

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A College Dream Called Guanalettas

Ever since Andrés Badilla and Reiner Vásquez studied business administration at the University of... Read More

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Eduardos, Food to Escape Reality

I’m eating a beef loin over a bed of mashed potatoes bathed in béchamel sauce with jumbo shrimp... Read More

Food News

A Touch of Mexico in Downtown Nicoya

I've lived in Guanacaste for a little more than three years, and ever since then I've been in... Read More

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