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Where to eat

Mom’s Italian Food at Mamma Rosa in Guiones

The four Farina brothers were born in northern Italy, in Piedmont. However, their mother, Rosa, who was from the south, cooked them food from the entire country. Olive oil, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese...

Type: Italian

Falafel Bar: The Essence of Tel Aviv in Tamarindo

Five years ago, Israelites Keren and Isaac Poni brought the essence of Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas to Tamarindo at the Falafel Bar. The humus dishes (from ¢ 3900 to ¢ 5900/$7.35 to $11.20) are...

Type: Indian

Laguna Mar: Food Fusion with the Guanacaste Seal

As a niceout-of-the-way spot in Guanacaste, the town of Bejuco of Nandayure holds images of beautiful beaches, ranches and lovely plains, but within the picturesque area, the Laguna Marrestaurant...

Type: Fusion

Casa Romantica Entices with Flavorful Beef, Fish and Pasta Dishes

There are so many new restaurants in Nosara,that it is nice to see one of the old stalwarts flourish.  Casa Romantica, a family run hotel and restaurant for more than 25 years, continues to serve...

Type: Italian

Pura Pizza is First to Offer Pizza-by-the-Slice in Guiones Beach

Tasty and affordable pizza by the slice for surfers, locals, construction workers and tourists, is what Pura Pizza’s Marco Testa says is the vision for the newest addition to Nosara’s growing number...

Type: Italian

A Full Stomach and a Happy Heart at Jauja, Liberia

If you find yourself shopping in Liberia or forced to spend a night there before an early flight the next day, the restaurant Jauja is a good option in the ciudad blanca(“white city”) to fill your...

Type: Fusion

Grilled Uruguay and Costa Rican football together in Nicoya

Imagine: a giant screen showing your team’s soccer game, barbecue pork ribs on the table along with a super cold beer and your friends and family around you. The scene is a reality in Rustico Charrua...

Type: Costa Rican

Microbar, The Paradise of Craft Beers

There is a science to drinking beer. Drinking beer doesn’t have to be an ethylic vice, but rather it can bean experience of tasting different flavors and procedures arising from some grains. Since...

Type: Costa Rican

Ex Chef del Café de Paris abre nuevo restauranteFormer Café de Paris Chef to Open New Restaurant

Former chef and baker at Café de Paris, and Nosara resident since 1998, Fabien Piguet, opened a new restaurant in mid July at the GiardinoTropicale hotel.  LeBistrot Grill and Pizzeria features...

Type: Costa Rican


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