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Guanacastecan Entrepreneurs: They Don’t Fear Restaurant Chains

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

Imagine the following scenario: you have a hamburger joint and a few blocks away they inaugurate a restaurant considered to be the largest...

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Because the Dice Have Been Rolled

As October arrives we are in the throws of transformation, the pace quickens and change is upon us.

A Grand Fire trine heats things up on the 6th and revitalizes our spirit, offering...

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If Guanacaste Weren’t Costa Rican

One hundred sixty two years after that glorious day in July on which a group of Nicoya Peninsula residents decided the future of their District, my mother gave birth to me in the same town that...

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Connection: Share with Devotion.

They tell us that a couple of weeks ago the Municipality of Nicoya installed a public wireless Internet network in the city park. It is certainly great news and should be celebrated.


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The Education We Want

Have you thought about how much time your children spend at school each year? Let’s imagine that the average school day has five hours. If the standard of 200 days of classes is fulfilled, there...

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Progress at Nosara Hill Depends on INVU Approval

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Progress at the Nosara Hills urban development project not only depends on a ruling from the...

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Will We Continue to Be One of the World’s Blue Zones?

By Wilberth Villalobos -

Estanislao Suárez Suárez walks calmly among bags of empanadas, doughnuts, and yucas that hang in a line from metal hooks at his...

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Backstage at a Centenarian Dance

By César Arroyo -

The room we are in has so much clutter that I feel like it could all collapse on top of us without warning. With the door and windows closed, the...

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The Dance of the Mare

By Roberto Cruz Alpízar -

Every December 12 we celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron of...

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Senara Assures that Damages at the Nosara Dike Are Because of Nate’s Magnitude and Not Because of the Quality of Chinese Cement

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

The National Service of Underground Waters, Irrigation and Drainage (Senara) ruled out the...

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The Pros and the Cons of the Alfaro Busses New Online Purchasing Service

By Noelia Esquivel - Contributor

Bus company Alfaro, which offers transportation between Guanacaste and San Jose,...

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