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Garbage collection in Nosara is two steps away from becoming a reality

By Sara Quesada - Contributor 1

Hiring a garbage-collection company and getting approval from the Municipal Council are the only two steps remaining for residents of Nosara to get...

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Does the Whole Country Really Hate Me?

That was the question that Emily Granados asked herself after her Facebook account started to erupt with private messages containing threats, reproaches and all kinds of insults...

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The End of Old Nosara

Hard line telephones did not arrive in Nosara until the mid-80's and when they did they appeared as pay phones at several sites. The only one I actually used  was at a little blue house, I think...

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Old Nosara: A New Page is Turned

In 1979, still recovering from the failed project to build a house on our Pelada property, we received a flyer from Gene Talboy announcing his plan to build the first condominium in Nosara,...

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Wine and Fire

One night in the late 70’s we survived an invasion of bats and total family chaos that occurred when the garage door that was the entire seaside wall of our rented house in the hills, blew open in...

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Nosara’s Asada Drilled Two Wells Without Permits or Studies in Order to Supply the Community

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

Members of Nosara’s rural water board (in Spanish, ASADA) drilled two wells without water-capacity studies nor permits from the...

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Advertorial - Hotel Lagarta Lodge Promotes Sustainable Tourism in Guanacaste

By Hotel Lagarta Lodge

With the implementation of several projects that are aimed at conserving Nosara’s environment, culture, and economy, Hotel Lagarta Lodge has become...

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Constant Downpours Delay Asphalt on Route 160

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

Constant rains have delayed paving work on 10 kilometers of Route 160 between Santa Marta and Playa Garza de Nosara, according to Marco Avila,...

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Growing Real Estate Market Touches Nosara’s Ecological Fibers

By Bernardo Montes de Oca - Colaborador 2

The ecological Nosara that attracts hundreds of tourists every year to its beaches is getting more and more worried as buyers are looking at the area...

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Ten Saman Trees Will Bring Shade Back to Playa Guiones

By Sara Quesada - Contributor

The Costas Verdes project planted ten saman trees in Playa Guiones’ parking lots this July 4th.   Three project employees planted, with the help of...

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Residents Pave 10 kilometers of Route 160 With Help from MOPT

By Emiliana García -

Residents of Nosara who make up the Committee of Roads and Pro Asphalt Route 160 have combined efforts with the Ministry of Public Works and...

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