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Samara Infants and Children Might Get Child Care Scholarships

Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

Manuela Soltermann is Swiss and is also a mom. When her son was born, her life changed and she saw the need to create a daycare in...

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Made with Love in Samara

A friend, who owns a beautiful little store in Samara asked me to help translate this statement from Spanish to English so it could be posted in the shop.

"When you buy something...

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Miss Angela's Garden

When a five year old child puts a bean in a small cup, adds soil and a little water, he does not really understand what he is doing.  

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Que Lindo!

Planning has under way for Samara's 2016 Que Lindo Art Fair.  It will be on Saturday, January 30 from noon to 5.

Samara owes a debt of thanks to Lavae Aldrich who has...

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Thank you Samara

I have changed.  After only a few years of living in Samara I am a different person and I like the new me.  I recently visited family in the US and as I walked around I looked up and smiled...

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Samara Beach: Glass and Thorns Were Found Where Children Play Soccer

By Martin Bargo, Samara Citizen Journalist

What began as an argument between two restaurants in Samara ended up affecting the kids that play...

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Second Phase of Samara Theme Park Will Receive Funding in June

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

And what happened to the Theme Park in Samara? That is the question many neighbors have been asking after the Municipality of Nicoya began work in...

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Cleaning Houses Throughout All of Samara Scheduled for March 5, 7 and 12

By Martin Bargo, Samara Citizen Journalist

Although Samara is the first place where two native cases of the Zika...

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Ministry of Health Asks to Clean Houses of Pregnant Women in Samara to Avoid Transmission of Zika

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

People who live in the community of Samara should work together to try to...

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Samara Development Association Created with 157 Members

By Henry Morales -

Sunday, January 24 of 2016 was a historic day for Playa Samara: the first assembly of the...

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More than 50 exhibitors confirmed for 3rd Art Fair in Samara "Que Lindo"

By Martin Bargo, Samara Citizen Journalist

On Saturday January 30, Samara will have its 3rd edition of the ...

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