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Ticks: A Little, Big Problem

By Roberto Cruz - 1

Finding a tick might seem to us like a common occurrence, especially in the hot lands that we have in most of Guanacaste’s cantons. But, we should also be a little afraid: the number of diseases and parasites they can transmit are capable of sickening...

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Guanacaste Children Will Learn to Care for the Environment with Free New Book

By Noelia Esquivel - Contributor

Through Lucia’s story, a girl that loves nature and wants to protect it, Guanacaste children will be able to learn about recycling, taking care of natural resources and environmental values.

The book that tells the...

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Scientists Link Chemical to More Male Crocodiles in the Tempisque River

By Bernardo Montes de Oca - Contributor

Crocodile sightings are frequent on the Tempisque River, but in 2012 something happened that alarmed a group of scientists: there were three males for every female in the river – when the usual proportion was one male to one female.

This had never been seen in...

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Ten Plants Native to Guanacaste for Easy Gardening

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

It’s frustrating to spend hours sweating in the garden only to find that, a few days later, everything has died and it looks worse than before.



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Olger Vega: How to Find The Big Fish

By Sara Quesada - Colaboradora 1

The geographer Olger Vega grew up in Cuajiniquil with his fisherman father, with whom he would go out to explore the ocean when he was a child. Ever since then, he’s wondered how his father always found...

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El Niño Forecast For August Loses Steam

By Sebastián Rodríguez - Contributor

The phenomenon of El Niño will arrive in August with less intensity, but communities and local authorities should be prepared for its consequences, according to several specialists at the National...

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This Is How Guanacaste’s Most Vulnerable Trees Die

By David Bolaños

As you are reading this article, it is likely that someone else is cutting down a tree native to Guanacaste that is at risk or danger of extinction - permits or not.

Studies from the Costa Rican Technological Institute (in Spanish, TEC) have warned of...

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Help In Guanacaste’s Conservation Areas This Holy Week

By María Fernanda Cruz - 1

Guanacaste offers a thousands ways for tourists and locals to enjoy Holy Week. A different alternative is volunteering in national parks and wildlife refuges. The Tempisque Conservation Area (in Spanish, ACT) has five different programs, four...

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Advertorial - Coopeguanacaste’s Signs Prevent Accidents With Animals

By Coopeguanacaste

The number of accidents involving Guanacaste’s wildlife has swollen over the last five years. The amount of dead animals on the Pan-American Highway’s northern stretch surpassed 100 during this period. Over 40 different species were involved, including anteaters, coati, opossums...

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Nicoyan Farmers Harvest Rainwater to Survive the Summer

By David Bolaños

El Joboa and Cerro Verde are two small villages boxed in by Nicoya’s mountains. In order to get there you have to travel over narrow dirt roads that rise and fall in the foothills. Once you arrive, quiet reigns while the inhabitants are out...

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