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Advertorial - Coopeguanacaste’s Signs Prevent Accidents With Animals

By Coopeguanacaste

The number of accidents involving Guanacaste’s wildlife has swollen over the last five years. The amount of dead animals on the Pan-American Highway’s northern stretch surpassed 100 during this period. Over 40 different species were involved, including anteaters, coati, opossums...

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Nicoyan Farmers Harvest Rainwater to Survive the Summer

By David Bolaños

El Joboa and Cerro Verde are two small villages boxed in by Nicoya’s mountains. In order to get there you have to travel over narrow dirt roads that rise and fall in the foothills. Once you arrive, quiet reigns while the inhabitants are out...

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Nosara’s GreenZones Program: Appreciating Nature via Meditation and Cell Phone Photography

By Mary Smathers - Nosara Citizen Journalist

Walking barefoot, silent, and with slow, exaggerated steps, I follow my teacher on the jungle path. The softening late afternoon light dapples the trees and brush and I notice orange pods on the ground and yellow green leaves alongside me. I spy the pochote tree and take out my cell phone camera...

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6 of the 10 Cantons With the Most Forest Fires Are in Guanacaste

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

If you’ve seen a burning field or mountainside in the summertime, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, it’s an everyday occurrence in Guanacaste, the province with the most forest fires in the country.

Of the 10 Costa Rican cantons with the most forest fires, six are...

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‘We Haven’t Seen This Many Dead Fish in 18 Years,’ Nicoya Gulf Resident Says

By María Fernanda Cruz -

Several Nicoya Gulf communities began their Wednesday in mourning following the death of thousands of sardines and sea bass spread across 2.05 kilometers of beach, according to the coast guard....

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Guanacaste To Become 1st Province to Use Drones to Measure Bean Crop Production

By Por María Fernanda Cruz

How many beans are planted in the country? The answer is key to establishing trade mechanisms that are fair for both producers and consumers, but authorities don’t know the answer....

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UNA Veterinarians Save Ocelot Struck By Vehicle in Tamarindo

By Redacción La Voz de Guanacaste

A group of veterinarians from the National University’s Smaller Species and Wildlife Hospital (HEMS-UNA) saved the life of an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) that was struck by a vehicle in Tamarindo.


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Guanacaste, Home of the ‘Greatest Wildlife Spectacles’

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

There are no great theaters or stadiums in Guanacaste, but in this ardent province of 10,140 square kilometers some of the most astounding natural displays in all of Costa Rica occur.

Those moments when nature appears to be strikingly...

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Pascal Girot: ‘I’ll go out on a limb and say we’re going to have increasingly severe episodes of drought in Guanacaste’

By María Fernanda Cruz -

Climate forecasts for the Guanacaste region from one of the most important global meetings, the U.N. Climate Change Summit in Morocco (COP22), aren’t very encouraging, admits Pascal Girot, sector coordinator for the Government Climate Change Office.

In an interview with The Voice of...

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Crocodile That Scared Tamarindo Tourists Moved to Nicoya Wildlife Area

By Roberto Acuña Ávalos -

A crocodile that attacked a tourist last July in Tamarindo and caused consternation among beachgoers is no longer in the area: It now lives in a wildlife area in the canton of Nicoya.

On Oct. 16, rangers at Las Baulas National Marine Park along with scientists and...

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More Wildlife Crossings Needed As Highway Deaths Continue

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo -

How many times have you hit the tail of a coati or run over a skunk while driving? Wildlife casualties on roads are a daily occurrence and a nagging problem that has begged for more attention from authorities for years.

Recent efforts by Costa Rica’s Ombudsman’s...

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