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Editorial: Our Province Deserves Concrete Proposals

By Staff The Voice of Guanacaste

Reviewing the government plans of the candidates for president of the Republic leaves us troubled and worried. The proposals to improve the problems in Guanacaste are lax, repetitive and don’t show a clear strategy with specific goals.

A clear example are the plans to...

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What do the Presidential Candidates Promise for Guanacaste?

By Andrea Rodríguez y María Fernanda Cruz

The Voice of Guanacaste analyzed the government plans of six of the candidates that lead voter intention polls done by the UCR’s Political Studies and Research Center published in November 2017: Juan Diego Castro, Antonio Álvarez, Rodolfo Hernández, Carlos Alvarado, Otto Guevara and Edgardo...

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Court Orders Costa Rica to Implement Same-Sex Marriage and Respect Transgender Rights

By María Fernanda Cruz y Andrea Rodríguez

Costa Rica goes down in history today with a milestone that will guarantee the rights of gays, lesbians and transgenders in the future: Thanks to a request sent by the government, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) determined that this country must grant the same...

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This Is How Candidates for Guanacaste Promise to Act

By María Fernanda Cruz, Noelia Esquivel, Andrea Rodríguez y Wilberth Villalobos

We interviewed seven of the congressional candidates for Guanacaste that lead polls ahead of the upcoming election. What are your aspirations for the province? How will you work to benefit the province from your seat in congress? What have you already done for the province? These are their...

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Guanacaste Votes Less and Less for the Traditional Party

By Andrea Rodríguez Valverde -

Sabino Quintanilla is a lawyer by trade and a “liberacionista” by origin, as he describes himself. He was a member of the Liberación Nacional (PLN, or National Liberation Party in English) —one of the two traditional parties in the country founded in...

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How do I Help Entrepreneurial Locales in Guanacaste Affected by Otto and Nate?

By Wilberth Villalobos -

After storms Otto and Nate, calm is starting to settle in for tourism locales in Guanacaste that suffered losses in the past year at their businesses.

The Voice of Guanacaste spoke with some of the owners of the locales in two of the most affected cantons, Bagaces and La Cruz...

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Editorial - Tourists: Don’t Forget About Our Culture

By Staff The Voice of Guanacaste 2

There is a face of Guanacaste that is hidden among small cities, hills that surround towns, under the sea and in the hands of Guanacastecans. Those who obsess over the sun and sand of its beaches are missing out on one of the greatest gems the province has to offer.


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Macarrón: The Chef With Rhythm

By Wilberth Villalobos - 2

The dust sticks to the damp skin on my face and arms. It’s Monday morning and the gleam of the lights up the white gravel street in San Rafael de Liberia.

We arrive at the sector known as La Saca de Agua. Here, Carlos Isidro Rodríguez Cortés “Macarrón” lives. He’s a...

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Recipes to Fight the Forgotten

By César Arroyo -

Marielos Carrillo returns from the backyard to the kitchen of her house in the La Virginia neighborhood with her hands full of leaves and puts a creamy plant called chicasquil down with the other ingredients.


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Advertorial - Falcon Stands Out in Guanacaste with Innovative Security Solutions

By Seguridad Falcon

Seguridad Falcon is a company that opened in Guanacaste in 2013. For the safety and trust of its clients, it complies with all the requirements and guidelines that Public Security Ministry’s Office of Private...

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Advertorial - Ageco Works to Conserve Guanacaste’s Blue Zone

By Ageco

The fact that the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s five blue zones doesn’t mean that it will be forever, especially if the elderly stop practicing what is called active, healthy aging.

That’s why the non-governmental Costa Rican Gerontology Association (Ageco) is working on the...

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