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Danish Electro-Pop Icons, the Fagget Fairys, come to Nosara to get away from it all
by Kelly Pattersen
Photos Emiliana Garcia

Our hometown of Nosara is quickly becoming a global sanctuary not only to those seeking a spiritual or holistic health path, but an emotional, physical and spiritual retreat from celebrity life.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Danish Electro-Pop icons, MC Ena and DJ Sensimilla of the Fagget Fairys, during their stay in Nosara. These Euro-nightlife Divas fled the cold, long, dark winter of Copenhagen, and the manic underground-club circuit, to participate in an integrated mind-body-spirit cleanse retreat at Pacha Mama’s, then afterwards, pampered themselves at Harmony Hotel and Health Spa.

Much to my chagrin, I turned out to be the only person who did not know of the Fagget Fairys. Apparently, while I have been living in the jungle for the past year, the Fagget Fairys’ first release, a techno-pop hit song, “Feed the Horse”, has night clubs all over Europe and New York pounding on the dance floor and has been dubbed a “Lesbian anthem” by the gay community. Just about everyone, from critics to fans, is raising their brows at this power-duo: not only because they are both stunningly beautiful and multi-talented, but they are also a couple clearly in love; have gleefully, sexual lyrics and address other taboo topics such as dealing with depression and praise for marijuana.

Each track on their debut album, entitled “Feed the Horse”, is completely different. MC Ena is a lyrical chameleon echoing Siouxie (of the Banshees) in “Rolling the Dice”; rapping along with tricky world-beats in “Mary Jane”; and transforming a traditional Balkan love song, “Oci”, into a sultry Sappho-esque sonnet. Their music is an energizing, liberating, and fun expression of individuality, love and hope.

When we were not talking about MC Ena’s Muslim up-bringing and how her family fled Yugoslavia, or the state of world affairs (from early childhood education to gay rights to health care and climate change) we were talking about their innovative company, artrebels.com, which is a professional platform for emerging artists, designers, musicians, DJ’s, and other creative spirits. These superwomen also started a non-profit youth education and empowerment organization called heartrebels.com, which was recently nominated for the Danish World Awards 2009.

The Fagget Fairys had nothing but praise for their stay in Nosara. They even recorded some nature sounds while here and hope to find a way to incorporate marimba into a song. There was much talk of making their visit an annual ritual, and maybe even doing some future studio work in Nosara. It is refreshing to know we here in Nosara can be part of the Fagget Fairy’s illustrious campaign, through music and the arts, to celebrate our diversity, creativity and individuality and especially, in such a fun way, you have no choice but to dance.

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Performing songs from his three CDs, with many crowd favorites and requests, Foehl’s songwriting style demonstrated solid melodies, and a storytelling style that put him in league with his influences, including John Prine, Neil Young and the Grateful Dead. More >

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This January Samara’s Intercultura Language School joins forces with “Libros Pregonario” for the 4th annual International Book Fair and Film Festival to exhibit Latin American literature and film to the public. Beginning on January 18th the school extends a open invitation to discuss, purchase and exchange a wide variety of books in both Spanish and English. More >

Koss Art Gallery Sheds Light on Local Area Creativity

Tucked behind the hustle-bustle of vacationing beach goers, at the end of two rows of palm trees outlining an aisle fit for a seaside wedding, the Jaime Koss Art Gallery stands bold and proud as one of the little-known cultural highlights of Samara Beach. The man behind the gallery, and the creator of the art that brings it to life is the long-time local resident affectionately known as Don Jaime. The 65-year-old visionary can be found diligently shoveling sand in front of his property upward against the effects of the tide on any given morning, leisurely clad in brightly colored swim trunks, a short sleeved (if any) button-up shirt and his signature Little Mermaid baseball cap. More >


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Recipe Thieves – Beware talented local chefs – your secrets are no longer safe!

This month’s victim: Jairo Cordero Hernandez, Kitchen Leader of Harmony Hotel Restaurant. Jairo, born and raised in Nosara, started off as a dishwasher at Harmony Hotel Restaurant over 3 years ago. And for 2 years now, he is one of two Kitchen Leaders at this world-class establishment. He shares this role with another Nosara local, Yuliana, who is one of the few female top chefs in Guanacaste. More >

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