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Letter to the Editor – Water and Our ASADA Cash Reserves To Go Down the Drain?
by Alex nott
Playa guiones

I want to thank the current ASADA water board for doing tremendous work in the last four years to build and stabilize the water system in the American Project.

Without their dedication to long term planning and responsible improvements and especially the management of current water supplies, the quality of life in the Nosara area would have plummeted. 

The current ASADA Board understands that decisions have to be made that serve the entire community. These decisions arrive as both short and long term in nature.

Many think the current ASADA Board is "anti-development". So many in Nosara do not even know, or understand, that the current water board has made plans to supply our community with enough water for decades to come. Our ASADA Board scientifically found the water resources and was within one month, in December 2009, of drilling a new super high capacity well that would provide enough water for the entire community for decades, including hundreds of new water meters. Instead, the ASADA is now facing bankruptcy because individuals refuse to pay their fair share of water costs.

Because AYA has created a new national base water rate for ASADAs that is only 2,000 colons per month, these people think that is all they need to pay. But our ASADA needs to collect its normal rates to operate and improve our water system. Anyone with common sense knows that a strong and safe water supply cannot be delivered in Nosara for 2,000 colons per month.

If everyone simply continues to pay their normal water bill, no crisis or interruption of our water service need occur.

Now, when our ASADA needs all of us the most, many people are taking advantage of the community by only paying 2,000 colons per month for basic water service. This will bankrupt our ASADA almost immediately.

We must collect sufficient water revenue to continue good water service now and in the future.

I urge everyone that owns a water meter to simply pay their normal water bill while the ASADA petitions AYA to renew our existing rates to collect the money needed to operate our ASADA in the interests of the community.

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Children of St. Martha Celebrate Christmas together

Last December 25, the community of Santa Marta organized a very special day for children of the village, inviting all of them to receive a gift. The day began early, around 8 am, when everyone gathered at the community hall to enjoy the acrobatics and antics of clowns, and were then presented with fruit and ice cream donated by Super La Paloma and Johan greengrocer. Around noon, just as anxiety could not be controlled, then came the presents! The entire community of Santa Marta helped collect toys for children and prepare them. They want to thank all those who donated a smile to the “little people”. More >

“Bumps Spreading in Nosara like Measles”

OPINION – Every year, more and more “speed bumps” are constructed around the Nosara area and are spreading like the Measles. It was my first impression that these were “illegal” and those who put them up were liable for any damages that might incur as a result of their construction. However, this must not be the case as they continue to spring up like weeds during the wet season. More >

Gala in Nosara – When Elegance is dressed in Charity

After a week with a lot of wind, dust and confinement in my house, on Saturday January 16th I received an invitation to attend The Academy Del Mar party in the distinguished Hotel L' acua Viva.

Normally, when I carry my camera with me, I am used to wearing comfortable clothes - hippy style to be exact. But that night I made a wardrobe mistake; I forgot an important detail. The event was a gala and my yoga pants were not right for that event. But it was already too late… the restaurant’s warm lighting, the marimba music and the elegant murmurs of the guests were calling me inside.

I asked myself, “Would it be possible to attend a gala event in Nosara? More >




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