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February Astrology Report
By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

In the beginning of February, blow off steam. Hang out with friends. Enjoy yourself. And don’t forget to use this lull in the action to deal with the details.

On the 7th & 8th - follow your heart. Love is a bit unconventional. You may be attracted to those who are different than you, or unique in some way. Surprises are possible. Take relationships in stride and have patience. Find the balance between opening to new ideas, and being real about the way things are.

When Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 11th, the bigger picture comes back into focus. Explore metaphysics. Trust your intuition. Change your thoughts to reflect what you want out of life. Spend time alone for moments of brilliance. Move beyond the ego and begin to find the truths that speak for us all.
Venus moves into Pisces on the 12th and we become sensitive, loyal, and empathetic. Love takes on an otherworldly quality. Seek out the feelings of safety and warmth. Find romance in all your interactions. Swim in the ocean. Donate to charity. Write poetry.

The New moon falls on the 14th in Aquarius, offering a glimpse of what is to come. Become clear about the area of your life where you meet the world at large. Get out in the community and connect. Grow strong as your dreams and visions are mirrored to you in the desires and dreams of people around you.
On the 15th, happiness is the goal and we view the world through rose-colored glasses. Be optimistic about things, yet be wary of others who might try to deceive you. Get out and socialize. See the beauty everywhere. Revel in your luck and good fortune.

The full moon arrives on the 28th in Virgo and things take a more serious turn. Work to find the balance. Be of service to others, hone your craft, and analyze the facts…then increase your ability for compassion, open to new inspiration, and expand your belief of what is possible. If you feel at odds with societal norms, know you are not alone. We are all being stretched right now. Healing is our top priority. Do yoga, go surfing, come back to center. Count your blessings.

Many blessings and pura vida!

Please email me at [email protected] for a private session. adoringaphrodite.com

February Moon Cycle


More Entertainment News

Wingnuts Canopy Tour – Keeping It All In The Family, And Making You Feel Like Part of it

Taking a break from her kitchen, Wingnuts matron and administrator Deborah steps outside her home and introduces our guides for the day, Manu and Freddy; Manu is one of her three sons, all of whom work for the family business, and Freddy is a Hojancha native who Deborah affectionately refers to as “[her] other son”. Over 13 years ago these two men personally built the 10 platforms and hung the 11 cables that constitute the Wingnuts Canopy Tour on the family property just outside downtown Sámara, and they have been guiding tours together here ever since. More >

Smooth Jazz Artist Craig Chaquico Plays Nosara

Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico dazzled Nosara audiences with lightning speed fretwork and music suitable for tropical breezes, electric sunsets and the elegant setting of L’Aqua Viva. More>

Recipe Thieves – Beware talented local chefs – your secrets are no longer safe!

This month’s victim: Cynthia Urbina, part of the dynamic kitchen staff at the Gilded Iguana. Matt, Joellen and Dino enjoy introducing new ingredients to the kitchen, encouraging staff to be creative with new flavors while learning new dishes. Every staff member has passion for food and experience in the kitchen, but not one person is “the chef.” The team works together, several food specialists working like cogs in a well-oiled machine, even on a 200-plus Tuesday night.

The Gilded Iguana’s kitchen philosophy intends to develop flexible skills and drive within their staff, assisting them gain practical experience and skills on the job while training each how to head their own kitchen someday. More >

Kitson Library Annual Benefit Giving Back in Paradise

Theatre in Nosara is a far cry from Broadway but our local version packs more “heart” than any professional stage production. This year’s annual benefit to support Nosara’s library is a staged reading of Neil Simon’s comic Broadway hit, The Sunshine Boys. More >

Fiestas Nosara More >



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