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Friends of Nosara Celebrates Partner Achievements at Annual Meeting
• More than $107,000 received in 2011

By Alice Olson

At its Annual Meeting Sunday, January 8, Friends of Nosara (FON) Treasurer, Mike Olson, reported that the organization had received more than $107,000 in gifts in 2011 and had distributed more $114,448 to community groups during the year.

Olson said, "Our previous high total had been $68,000. This year's total is a remarkable achievement and shows the generosity and commitment of US ex-patriots and visitors to Nosara. It's also a tribute to our community partners and the importance of the work they are doing." In addition to what had already been distributed to FON Partner Organizations, Olson announced that he was prepared to write checks for $30,350 more to support local community work.

Saskia Ellemeet muestra el manto hecho por los jovenes que asistieron a la Escuelita de verano del 2011

FON partners receiving support through the organization in 2011 include Biblioteca David Kitson, Escuelita de Nosara, the Del Mar Academy Scholarship Fund, SIBU Sanctuary, Refugio Animales de Nosara, the Surfing Nosara Foundation and Nosara Animal Welfare Association. Partner Organizations presented reports of their activities and their plans for the coming year.

Partner Report Highlights
Vicki Coan and Brenda Bombard of Nosara Wildlife, the combined organization of Refugio Animales and SIBU Sanctuary, reported there has been a significant decrease in electrocutions of monkeys over the past three years owing to ICE's insulating more than 42 kilometers of electric lines in our area. From 113 deaths in 2009, the total decreased to 31 deaths in 2011. Thirteen of the 2011 deaths occurred over just 10 days in December, caused by transformers that have not yet been covered with the protective "boot" that could end the killing. ICE is working on covering the transformers, but it takes time and resources.

Sarah Antonson of the Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) reported the Foundation invested $16,500 in 2011 for materials and supplies to improve the infrastructure at area public schools. Local residents contributed $6,500 to construct three new bathrooms and retile the computer room and entryway at the Ostional School. Work continues on a new lunchroom at Serapio Lopez School in Nosara which is now in use. At the Esperanza School SNF is creating new space for a computer room and kindergarten classroom while also making the school accessible for a wheelchair bound student scheduled to enroll soon.

Sarah Foster of Nosara Animal Welfare provided rehabilitation and adoption services for 114 animals during 2011. Susanne Marin-Fallas of Safari Animal Clinic, Garza Vet, and Dr Christian Elizondo from San Jose assisted at spay and neuter clinics this year, treating more than 200 animals. Foster said, "Our biggest challenge is engaging a larger team of volunteers who can do things that I can't do. Our building needs renovation, and the first phase of that work is estimated to cost $20,000. So, we need fundraising support and skilled construction volunteers."

New Partners, New Resources
Nosara Recycling Association was welcomed to partnership with Friends of Nosara. The new volunteer firefighters association was approved for partnership as soon as the legal work to create their association is completed. The Board also opened a special fund to help equip and sustain the police in Nosara central. Donors to this fund, like all FON donors, will be eligible to receive a US tax deduction for their gifts.

The Judge of Nosara Resale was thanked for her commitment to give 50% of the net proceeds of her business each month to Friends of Nosara. She announced that her first month's gift is $870 and urged all present to submit unneeded household items for sale at the shop.


More Community News

Aikido in Samara
Self-Defense Workshops are Fun and Practical

Afraid to walk the beach at night? The danger of being attacked, robbed or raped is one reason Eddie Mora has decided to offer personal defense workshops as a community project in Samara based on the non-violent martial art of Aikido. 

Teacher Wanted to Help Ostional Kids in Math and English

The Surfing Nosara Foundation is working with the Ostional Elementary School to provide a free before/after school tutorial program in English, math and technology that lasts for 3 months beginning in early March and is searching for a bilingual teacher to work with students and implement a proven, established curriculum.  

Nosara Turns 24

On January 26th we celebrated the creation of our District: Nosara. Therefore this could well be considered the most important local calendar date. Twenty-four years ago this region, which now forms the sixth district of the Canton of Nicoya, belonged to the central district of the canton.

CREAR Summer Camp Stimulates Samara Kids

As boring as school may be for many kids, summer vacation can be even more boring with nothing to do, but CREAR offered the children of Samara and El Torito fun (and educational) activities during free two-week summer camps in January.

Nosara ASADA to Elect a New President February 22nd

It's election time for the Nosara ASADA (Water Administration Association/ Asociación Administradora del Agua), and the position of president is vacant. Elections take place every two years and will be held at the annual assembly on Wednesday, February 22nd at the ASADA office.

"Rumors" in Nosara

Living in a small town, Nosareños know how easily rumors can get started. Misunderstandings, secrets and lies are all part of what makes the intrigue of a small town exciting. Things are no different in the world of Neil Simon's New York where a group of socialites gather to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of two of their closest friends.

The Secret is in Collaboration
Letter to the Editor

I was delighted to read your report, "The Future of Tourism" to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in the lower Guanacaste beach communities. As a destination development specialist for the World Bank and other international clients, I believe there is now an opportunity to capitalize on the region's distinctive attributes, particularly in markets that have not yet discovered this beautiful corner of the world.


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