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Astrology VON February 2012

By Ashley Laux

February invites us to spend time fine-tuning our relationship with the rest of the world. Listen, be patient, and do your best to get along with each other. Find the balance between caring for yourself, and working for the greater good. Take steps to forgive. Heal any unresolved wounds from the past that may come up for review. Be mindful in your day-to-day activities, and try to enjoy each step along the way. Spend a moment honoring you uniqueness, and accepting yourself as you are.

Aries: Revel in self-love, and feel beautiful. Take care of lingering health issues, and spend a moment setting up a daily practice. There may be changes in partnership. Reflect on your role in relationship and your ability to have faith. Focus on better ways of connecting. Begin to create compromise so that every body wins.

Taurus: You might feel like casting of responsibilities. Honor your feelings and spend time deepening you relationship with your inner self. Continue to expand your ideas of what is possible, and what you are capable of.

Gemini: Get out and enjoy the company of the world at large. Changes in romance may occur, as your awareness of your desires begins to deepen. Pay attention to the needs of children, and spend time in play. Use creative pursuits to enhance your self worth. Make any necessary repairs around the home.

Cancer: Career gets a boost – you receive praise for a job well done. New opportunities present themselves in the greater community. Pay attention to issues revolving around the home, and be careful not to neglect the feelings of others. Work on your ability to think more positively, and use that energy to clear up any miscommunications.

Leo: Travel and education bring great rewards. Issues of finance come to the foreground. Try to correct any tendency to rely on the material world for satisfaction. Emotions are running high, and hidden things may come to light. Use exercise to blow off steam.

Virgo: Spend a moment reflecting on what rules your life and source out unconscious motivations that might be running the show. Open events that can awaken you to a new way of being. Do your best to avoid being critical of yourself and others. Changes in finance are possible.

Libra: New and exciting people appear on the scene. Release the need for control, and become more flexible – allowing events to take their course. Appreciate the moments of beauty, and continue to apply patience and maturity to your day-to-day activities. Find the balance by spending moments in meditation.

Scorpio: Focus on advancing your career. Look for support from people in positions of authority. Assess your goals and whether they will truly satisfy you in the long run. Retreat from group endeavors but don't forget to spend time alone to regain your energy. Address any health issues without delay, and explore new healing modalities.

Sagittarius: Confidence is running high and advancement is possible. Look for ways to improve your career path. Be careful not to step on the toes of loved ones and superiors. Others may have opposition to your ideas', so do your best to communicate lovingly in relationships of all kinds.

Capricorn: Communicate clearly at work in order to get ideas successfully off the ground. Spend time making your home an enjoyable place to be. New romantic opportunities are possible. Reflect on the past in order to get a deeper understanding of your current situation.

Aquarius: Take a moment to relax and regain your strength, as energy may could running low in the first half of the month. Revel in nature and get in touch with your deepest self. Identify any obsessive or compulsive tendencies, and transform them by evolving your personal belief system. Be strong and discerning in your search for truth.

Pisces: Your self–esteem gets a boost from courageousness. Focus is on creative expression and good fortune is with you. Connect with your spiritual path, and deepen your awareness of what makes you tick. Work on letting go of anger and resentment in relationships of all kinds, and take the time to talk things through.

Many blessings and pura vida!


More Entertainment News

Dust Fashion Nosara 2012

Another year has passed and it looks like, yet again, Nosara will not be getting asphalt. However, potholes, molasses and choking dust are nothing for a seasoned Nosareño. Not only do we still carry out business in a dust cloud, we look good doing it. Here are some of the hottest fashions for this season in Nosara.

Rumor Has It That the Play to Raise Funds for the Library Was a Hit

Chaos reigned on stage and the audience cackled and roared with laughter as 10 actors collectively known as the Nosara Players interpreted Rumors, a comic play by Neil Simon, at the Selva Mar Club on Sunday, February 19th.

Kirtan Week in Nosara

The evening of Thursday, February 16, singer Krishna Das, popularly known as the rock star of chanting, will give a presentation beginning at 8 p.m. in the yoga studio of the Blue Spirit center in Garza. 

BlackSheep Turns Six and Celebrates with a Big Party

Next Saturday, February 18th, the BlackSheep, the only Irish pub in the middle of the Guanacaste jungle, will celebrate birthday number six. The party will start at 5 p.m. and all of the guests will be able to enjoy the exclusive music of successful trombonist Mark McGrain visiting us from New Orleans, USA.

Thousands Enjoyed the Nosara Fiestas

This year, the Fiestas of Nosara drew a big crowd with thousand of people in attendance. The main event in the arena saw rodeo riders from all over Guanacaste, Nicaragua, Brasil and United Estates. The participants in the arena were a good mix of tourists and locals.

Caricaco Music Festival Brings Music Caravan to Nosara
• Five Costa Rican rock bands and a California band will put on the year's best music show

Already in its fourth consecutive year, the Caricaco Music Festival will be held on March 10th at the Tierra Magnifica Hotel and will include Costa Rican bands Zopilot, Calle, Cocofunka, Sonámbulo and Daniel Patiño Quintana, along with California band Perro Bravo.

Enter VON's Writing Contest
Famous Writer Clive Matson is the Contest Judge

"We all have very interesting stories," affirmed author and poet Clive Matson, who will be visiting Nosara to conduct a writing seminar, and The Voice of Nosara would like to hear your stories. We invite you to submit an entry in our first writing contest, and Matson will select the winner, whose story will be published by VON.

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