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6 Techniques to Achieve Self Love, Self Care, and Better Health

By Mary Serphos, Certified Health Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist

As part of the ongoing series at The Yoga House on Monday nights, two more Blue Spirit teachers shared their wisdom and insight to the Nosara community. On Monday Juanuary 30th , Dr. Roger Jahnke, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who teaches Asian traditions of self-care such as Qigong and Tai Chi, offered an experiential demonstration as an example of his four-part program of health promotion. And on Monday February 6th, Penache Desai a cutting edge spiritual teacher shared this insight in his class: “everyone is divine exactly how they are” and claimed that the path to self love is believing in the self, no matter what. The following suggestions are based on their teachings.

1. Embrace yourself: when we no longer try and fix what we think may be wrong, we lean to accept the self. Self acceptance is a major step towards self love. “You are ok the way your are,” suggests Penache Desai,  “wake up and see how loved, accepted, awesome, supported, elevated and encouraged you are.”

2. Learn to trust the healer within: more and more spiritual teachers are suggesting that the best person to heal the self is the self.  It is empowering and life altering to realize that we have the ability to transform physical or emotional discomfort and pain. In Roger Jahnke’s, book,The Healer Within, he writes  “The most profound healer is within us -- we produce our own internal medicine. It is easy to turn this medicine on, and it is absolutely free. When people learn about the healer within, and then take action to care for their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, they are transformed.”

3. Take time for relaxation and meditation: both Desai and Jahnke re-iterated these suggestions over and over again during their lectures; slow down, stay present, let go, and surrender to the present. In order to achieve self love, self- care and the capacity to heal the self, it is imperative to spend time in solitude and peace. When the body enters a state of deep relaxation and meditation the mind becomes calm and the result is improved health and better mental performance and focus.

4. Breathe a "Sigh of Relief”:as Jahnke suggests, deep breathing allows the body to take in more oxygen which helps reduce tension and therefore increases blood flow to the brain and all the organs in the body.

Panache Desai a spiritual guide from London, England speaks at the Nosara Yoga
House on February 6 about finding the divine within yourself. The night was
the last in a series of spiritual talks organized by Blue Spirit.
About 20 people in attendance at the Nosara Yoga House on February 6 to
see Panache Desai, a spiritual leader from London England talk. The night was
the last in a series of spiritual talks organized by Blue Spirit.

5. Practice self massage: to recover from minor illness and to remain generally healthier and happier, Jahnke suggests implementing simple techniques such as self-applied massage. Healing occurs when gentle pressure is applied to either the ears, the hands, or the feet; each area a microsystem of the body that relate to specific, distant body areas or organs.

6. Fear no more: there is nothing wrong with you, nothing to feel guilty about, nothing to fear. “you were born, therefore you are enlightened, case closed,” Penache Desai


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