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Better Late Than Never: The Montaña River Will Finally Have a Bridge

By Oliver Pérez and Emiliana Garcia
Photos by Adam Dietrich

After Nosara and Ostional residents endlessly requested that the Government build a bridge over the Montaña River, it has finally become a reality. Since January 9th, machinery has been hard at work with breaking ground and opening the space needed to access the Bailey bridge.

On January 14th, during a tour to supervise the work being done, the Vice Minister of Public Works, Maria Lorena Lopez, expressed her regret at having delayed the work, since they had promised to place the bridge last year. However, due to the attention that other priority sites demanded, they had to postpone the bridge's placement.

The Bailey bridge will be a 114-meter-long, single-lane structure with a cost of $1.5 million dollars, approximately 750 million colones at the current exchange rate. It is expected to be complete by March, solving the lack of a crossing in the area, especially during the rainy season when traffic becomes impossible for cars.

"At first, this bridge was going to be 87 meters long but, after evaluating the river's swell, it had to be extended. In addition, the bridge will have a height of a meter and a half, where the swell reaches. With this step, we will finally be able to connect these communities, as we had previously done with the Rosario River and as we will continue to do with other bridges", Lopez explained.

With the start of each rainy season the area's residents suffer greatly because, as the river's flow rises, they become isolated. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists currently use the hanging bridge over the Montaña River.

For years, many drivers risked crossing in their cars even when the river had swelled. While some managed to make it alive and tell their story, unfortunately, others were not so lucky. This was the case for the couple that drowned on October 2008, when the river caught them and their car.


Road from downtown Nosara to Hollywood neighborhood is now open

A new bridge under construction near the 'Hollywood' neighbourhood in Nosara,
in the background a motorcycle passes by on the current road.

The huge hole on the road that connects downtown Nosara to the so-called "Hollywood" neighborhood is now covered by a cement bridge, through which the waters of the creek that floods the area during the rainy season will pass.

The 25-year-old bridge had already collapsed and therefore, public buses were unable to conduct their usual route. For this reason, the area's residents were forced to walk all the way from the center of town to their homes. The Nosara Development Association invested one and a half million colones in the new bridge, while Maquinaria Enrique Vega donated the hours of use of the concrete curbing machine.

3300 cubic meters of loose rock and rubble will be required to fill the ramps
at either end. The bridge will sit 12 meters above the river to ensure access
throughout the rainy season and cost 750 million or about $1.5 million.
Materials and a backhoe rest at the construction site for the new bridge over
the Rio Montaña, below a motorcyclist drive towards the river on the current
access road. The bridge, which should be completed by March, will ensure road
access between Ostional and Nosara communities throughout the rainy season.

Magdalena Vega, President of the Ostional Development Association, was both thankful and excited about the new bridge. "We've devoted many years to sending letters and documents requesting a bridge. This is the result of a struggle with the MOPT, we feel almost connected now. However, the struggle will continue as there are still many unresolved projects", expressed the community leader.

Hanging Bridge to Los Ángeles Will be a Thing of the Past

The Nosara River will also have a new bridge, in this case the hanging bridge that connects the Los Ángeles neighborhood with the Nosara Cemetery and which will be built by the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE).

However, in order for the bridge to become a reality, the properties adjacent to the platform exits must be bought. The cost of both properties amounts to USD $180.000, explained Marcos Ávila, President of the Nosara Development Association who negotiated the bridge with the CNE.

When the river swells during the rainy season, the Los Ángeles neighborhood and those who live in its mountains get cut off for days, since the hanging bridge is their only way out. For the time being, and until the properties are purchased, the CNE is conducting a soil survey.

Motorcyclists cross a suspension bridge over the river Nosara heading towards the Los Angles neighborhood. A new bridge is expected once land on the eastern bank of the river is purchased for development.


More Regional News

Mayor of Nicoya Takes a Rest For Health Problems

The mayor of Nicoya, Marco Antonio Jimenez, presented a disability notice on Monday, February 20th, before the Municipal Council because health problems impede him from exercising his labor for 22 days.

ASADA Nosara elects New Board of Directors
Old meter prices and water taps could return

At the Feb. 22 annual meeting of the water board (Asada) for the American Project, a new president was elected and outgoing President Rick Walker revealed some news for returning the ASADA to a sound financial structure.

Fire in the Nosara River Mouth Was Controlled by Firefighters

On Wednesday, February 22, residents of the Nosara river mouth were surprised when they saw a fire coming between the bank of the river and the bushes. The fire was the result of a bonfire left the night before, and it took Nosara’s volunteer fire brigade two hours to extinguish it.

Water Outages in the American Project to Continue through February

Periodic extended water outages may last another ten days throughout the American Project while the Asada, or water system, struggles with sputtering wells, budgetary, maintenance and personnel issues.

Motorcyclist Taken to Hospital after Accident in Barco Quebrado

William Garita Jimenez of Barco Quebrado was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Nicoya on Wednesday morning, February 15th after being hit by a truck.

OIJ Investigate Cause of Tuanis Fire

On Tuesday February 7, agents of the OIJ (Judicial Police) from San Jose were at “Tuanis” furniture manufacturer, which was burnt to the ground last Sunday, looking for evidence to determine if the fire had been intentionally set.

Fire Destroyed Furniture Manufacturer "Tuanis" in Guiones

On Sunday February 5th, around 7 AM, the furniture manufacturer "Tuanis", located on route 160 in Playa Nosara, went completely up in flames. Nosara volunteer firefighters were the first to reach the fire, using water from the pool at The Village Foods.

New Law Looks to Organize Market in Liquor Licenses
• Municipalities Will Benefit

When it comes to profits from the sale of liquor, both the owner of the bar and the owner of the liquor license that the bar utilizes can take a big slice of the pie. But only 300 colones per year of the liquor license use tax goes to the municipality Why? Because the law that regulates these licenses dates back to 1936.

Nicoya, Nosara and Samara Plan Projects for 2012 National Budget

Two motorcycles for the Public Force of Nosara, computers for schools in the district of Samara and new sidewalks for the park in Nicoya are the projects that have been selected for investing funds from the National Budget of Specific Items for 2012.

Danger at Samara Intersection
Bus Stop Locations Create Hazard for Drivers and Pedestrians

If someone isn't paying attention and using the proper caution, an accident could easily occur at the main intersection entering Samara, especially when buses are present, reducing visibility of oncoming traffic.

Municipal Power Struggle Hinders Budget for 2012

The Municipality will likely have to work with an adjusted version of the 2011 budget this year, according to Municipal Code article 98, since the 2012 budget was not approved by the General Controller of the Republic (CGR) due to issues with the proper approval procedure.

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