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Nosara Wildlife Rescue Fundraiser Gives Boost to Rescue, Rehab and Release Efforts

By Steve Coan

Brenda Bombard, left, and Vicky Coan pose for a portrait.

"That was one of the best events that we have had in Nosara", said Ted Gibbons frequent Nosara visitor.

The first Friday of each February marks the annual benefit and auction for Nosara Wildlife Rescue. The venue couldn't have been better.
Located one block from Guiones beach, the Harbor Reef & Reef Restaurant with it's new expansion provided ample space for the 100+ guests. There was a grand buffet area, tables and chairs seating area, bar and silent auction area, laser light display, live music and an ongoing 200+ photo/video slideshow representing the animals, facilities and people behind Nosara Wildlife Rescue.

The event kicked off at 5pm where dozens of items were auctioned off at both the silent and live auctions. Generous donations of the auction items came in from all over Nosara and beyond: airline tickets, resort stays, beautiful
works of art and of course gift certificates for the many restaurants and activities to be found in the area.

Nosara Wildlife Rescue receives no funding from the Government, NGO's nor other consistent . The Annual Fundraiser and Auction revenue will go towards equipping an on site emergency medical clinic with adjoining nursery at the Refugio, the construction of a non-primate habitat at SIBU Sanctuary and quarantine habitats at both locations. The co-founders of Nosara Wildlife Rescue, Brenda Bombard and Vicki Coan, gave short speeches about their efforts and the importance of community involvement. It is our responsibility and collective efforts that will make a bigger difference in protecting Nosara's wildlife.

Final figures have not yet been tallied, but rough estimates indicate that
approximately $9,500 was raised (before expenses) during this event. Net revenue will be split equally between the Refugio and SIBU Sanctuary.

For further information about Nosara Wildlife Rescue please visit:

Nosara Wildlife Rescue would like to thank all those generous people and businesses, who gave their talents, time, money and auction items to help make this event a big success.

Harbor Reef for the donation of the Venue, the Sushi
and Ceviche; the Harmony Hotel, for donating great deserts and their continuing support; Bobbi Johnson for her sloppy Joe's; Tony Kast for his 200+ chicken sausages; Dos Pochotes for their kind donation of super good appetizers for the buffet; Cheri Takei for the enormous amount of cooking she did; Rusbel with the Nosara Super for the gift certificates and all the tables and chairs; the Reef Restaurant for closing down their facility to the public in order to host this event and to Reef Realty for their office and time to collect and distribute the many auction items not collected the evening of the event.
As volunteers are the backbone of any organization, we'd like to thank all who gave their time to make the Fundraiser a success - notably Randy Bombard, Linda Tarlow, Bobbi Johnson, Paula White, Rosie Heindl, and Jill Stockland - all of whom worked every day for over a month. Special thanks to auctioneers Rick & Diane Bryant as well the volunteers that worked the night of the event: Monica Kelly, Linda and Eva Bristol, Cindy Griswald, Alejandra Diaz-Berrio, Anne Marie Ermetinger, Janey Harrington, Merry Cavanaugh, Kyle and Bryan Bombard and Nice Alterman and Ray Moss.


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