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Legislators Ask for Orozco’s Resignation as President of Human Rights Commission

By Fernando France For elpais.cr

Several legislators demanded their colleague Justo Orozco, evangelical lawmaker, resign as President of the Human Rights Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.

The votes that have positioned Orozco as chairman of that committee were Oscar Alfaro, Luis Antonio Aiza and Jorge Angulo (PLN), Adonay Enriquez (ML) and Orozco himself (RC). That vote within the committee was held in May 2012.

On Monday February 25 afternoon, a group of members from several parties asked Orozco to leave his post in the commission. They were Juan Carlos Mendoza, Carmen Muñoz, Claudio Monge and Maria Eugenia Granados (of PAC), José María Villalta (FA), Carlos Gongora (ML) and Gloria Bejarano (PUSC).

The legislators’ request was made after new statements from Orozco, who disrespects the rights and dignity of homosexual people.

Orozco also expressed his intention to invite the Spanish doctor, Jokin de Irala, who describes homosexuality as a "disorder of human sexual development", to the Legislature.

In May 2013 a new Legislative Directory could leave Orozco out of the Human Rights Commission, although it will be up to the president-elect in Congress.

The regulation gives legislative power to the president to do the integration of the commissions. In 2012 it was Víctor Emilio Granados, as president, who appointed Orozco to the commission, although his four colleagues subsequently elected him as president.

Thousands of citizens have demanded the resignation of Orozco in several campaigns promoted in social networks.

In 2012 a campaign collected more than 15,000 "faces" they said # fuerajustoorozco (outjustoorozco) through facebook and twitter.

Now a campaign is driven via Avaaz.org, "Out the hatred and homophobia from the Legislative Assembly" which already totals more than 23 thousand people.


More Regional News

“The Minister of Agriculture Doesn’t Know Anything about Transgenics,” Legislator Claudio Monge Pereira

Indignant and upset, Claudio Monge Pereira, legislator of the Citizen Action Party, declared that Gloria Abraham, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, doesn’t know about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

President of CR’s Commission on Human Rights proposes doctor visits to “cure gays”

The president of Costa Rica’s Commission on Human Rights, Justo Orozco, wants the Spanish doctor Jokin de Irala to present his “homosexuality as a disorder” ideas with Congress.

New Foundation Looks to Install Security Cameras in Nicoya, Samara and Nosara

The new nonprofit Fundacion Para la Seguridad Integral de Nicoya (Foundation for the Integral Security of Nicoya), which was registered in December 2012, has the goal of raising funds to install security cameras strategically placed around Nicoya canton. 

The Earthquake Continues for Affected Families

“It was the only house I’ve had,” lamented Maritza Villareal, resident of Nosara. “I just hope to rebuild it in a better place because we don’t want to live in this little shack with four people. I want to give my kids a better life.  We need help and all that we hear from the government is no, no, no,” she explained.  

Earthquake Damages Won’t Stop Students From Going Back to School

Due to the serious damages to educational centers caused by the earthquake on September 5th, many students ended 2012 with classes being held in alternate sites and the new semester, which starts on February 6, will begin and end the same way for at least 19 school grounds in the region of Nicoya, where students will receive classes in shared classrooms, halls, churches and rented buildings.

Pictures and News of the Month

The Voice of Nosara brings you a brief recap of January stories you might have missed.

New Director Found Nicoya’s Hospital Functioning at 60%

The new director of the La Anexion Hospital of Nicoya, Dr. Jorge Fonseca Renault, conversed in depth with VON a month after taking the reins of the main medical campus of the peninsula, after the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) intervened in December due to serious management deficiencies.






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