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Trees destroyed again…
By Stephanie Olive
  OPINION – The tree ‘trimmers’ came 4 weeks ago to the properties behind mine to trim ‘a couple of branches’ … and it makes me sad and disappointed that no thought, care, consideration, supervision, planning or basic common sense was used when the trees were trimmed. As you can see from the photo… this is just one of the trees that were basically destroyed (there are many others).

Mostly tree stumps were left behind – not only is it ugly, now there is no shade and the monkey trail has been cut yet again. Before this cutting occurred, the monkeys came to my property almost everyday to enjoy eating and sleeping in the trees above my property – ever since this tree trimming occurred the monkeys have been gone and have never returned because now they do not have a way to get to the trees that they enjoyed and needed so much. Once this happens, even by mistake, this has changed forever, you cannot fix this with a ‘monkey rope’. The limbs of the trees will not grow back to what they once were. And now one of the reasons I loved it here so much – has been taken away.

Even though I say ‘my property’, I do believe we all live here and share this land, and should all share in the responsibility in developing the land for all of our futures.

Not only do the monkeys lose, so does the community – people would come by and enjoy watching the monkeys in the trees, taking pictures etc. The future of this beach worries me… too many people who are now moving here are concerned about there own selfish needs rather than the needs of the community and environment as a whole. Some of the people seem to forget why they came here for in the first place (i.e. to enjoy nature). Soon this place will be end up like a city, not a beautiful place by the beach to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Unfortunately some people come here for a couple of weeks of the year and destroy the land around their property – then leave and go to their home in their part of the world, and leave the monkeys with no home at all.


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Sámara Pacific School Fund Raising Event on March 27th

On Saturday, March 27th the Sámara Pacific School is hosting a Special Fund Raising Event and Environmental Awareness Campaign. The activities will begin at 3:00 pm in the downtown Sámara soccer field in front of Banco de Costa Rica and include live music, a flea market, food sales (prepared by the local students’ parents), face painting and bilingual children’s puppet shows. More >

Escuelita de Verano 2010

We are proud to report another successful year of Nosara summer school arts and education program. Every year we have record breaking enrollment and this year was no exception with 220 children who attended this year’s program. Thankfully we were able to rent a bus from Empresa Rojas from Nicoya in order to provide transportation. The bus was packed full and so was the school. To make room for everyone we set up extra classrooms outside. More >

The Voice of Nosara Now On Air

Exciting new things are happening with our local area news, media coverage and exposure! As of February 2010, The Voice of Nosara has joined forces with All Tribes Radio in an effort to further improve and expand the content and publicity of Guanacaste’s local news and opinion. For those who aren’t familiar with All Tribes Radio (also known as ATR), here’s a breakdown in the words of founder Ken Dunn. More >

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to see the “water issue” following some of the public discussions that occurred when I last visited Samara from my water starved town of Austin, Texas. I would urge developers and builders (and their deep campaign contribution pockets), to take the lead on enacting legislation at the local, state and/or federal level for mandatory low flow toilets, low flow showers, xeriscape landscaping and grey water sewage systems for all new construction, as well as for additions and any redo of existing construction that exceeds 25% of the value of the structure. More >


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