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Skateboard Culture in the Jungle

By Emiliana Garcia
Photos by Pinar Istek

Neither the suburbs of San Jose nor Paris are necessary to practice skateboarding, some attitude and predisposition is more than enough. At least, this is what 150 people, who attended the opening of the skateboard ramp built at the surf camp-Tree House, showed on February 28th at Playa Guiones.

The skaters ranged in age from 10 to 30 and the six hour long party was infused with a sense of family. The skaters were bouncing between the two sides of the new ramp, respecting “the right to pass,” and without any discrimination as to age or experience. Spanish DJ, ED-J, elegantly mixed reggae beats with electronic music.

Skateboarding was invented in 1963 in Malibu, California, USA, by Mickey Muñóz and Phil Edwards who put a surf board on the ground, took the wheels off roller skates and mounted them on the wood board. They called their invention  Surf Roll, and today it is known simply as Skateboard.

The party’s host, Spacialle Novack, said the ramp “is an option for kids so they can do something productive and sportive even when it is raining or there are no waves.” The majority of the skaters also surf and during rainy times they are limited with small surfable waves and not many sunny mornings.


Funds collected during this party will be used to put a roof on the ramp. “It should be ready by May, ” Novack promised.

Part of the fund to build the ramp came from a French Skateboard company Simple. Its representative, a professional skater Gaspar Chantrel, offered his experience and advice to Enrique Mora, owner of the surf camp, during the construction of the ramp.

Speaking of Nosara skaterboarders, Chantrel said, “They want to skateboard, they have a lot of potential. I love those who love to skateboard”. The Frenchman will be in Nosara until May and said that he will be available for those who want to learn skateboarding. “I want to share styles. Mine is artistic and the one here is more surfer,” he said.

Entry fee and hours of the ramp haven’t been determined yet, but Novack said, “We will have different price levels, probably some local rate and a membership.”

Those who are far from Guiones, can also visit the skating ramp at the mechanic shop, Nosara Racing, located in San Pedro, Nosara.


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