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Athletes Struggle for Support for Their Cycling Stunts
• Bike riders improvise riding areas at the Polideportivo

By Oliver Pérez

A group of Nicoya's bike riders who practice Bicycle Motocross (BMX) have found little support from Nicoya's Comité Cantonal de Deportes, this being the first difficult obstacle they've experienced in the eleven years that they have been involved with the sport. However, they have been able to overcome it with stunts and acrobatics, using their own means to continue practicing this sport, where skill and adrenaline combine.

The lack of an area in which these young athletes can practice has made them use improvised spaces where, at times, the Fuerza Pública has forced them to vacate public areas – such as parks and sidewalks- since these are not suitable for bicycles.


The group's representative, Luis Elías Benavides, explained that almost three years ago they approached the Municipalidad to ask for their assistance in building a skatepark, a place with ramps and rails; however, up to this moment, the answer has been a negative silence.

“We are fed up with the Comité de Deportes since they only agree to invest in soccer-related projects, forgetting that sports includes other disciplines. We are requesting their support in order to obtain the necessary means for practicing this sport”, complained Benavides.

Benavides is also protesting about the lack of support in regards to organizing BMX events and promoting the discipline. In January, the fourth BMX War Jam event was organized in this city, proving that support from the area's businesses was limited.

“The goal of these events is to promote BMX as an alternate sport”. Our objective is to get BMX to reach the masses, so that the number of riders will grow. In the future, if we can obtain enough sponsorship, we will organize a competition in which riders from several countries may compete”, explained Luis Elías Benavides to the VON.


Ruth Paniagua, President of Nicoya's Comité de Deportes y Recreación (Sports and Recreation Committee), promised to listen to the requests of this group of bike riders, even inviting them to attend one of their meetings so that they may express their needs.

“I admit that the Sports Committee always leans towards some sport's disciplines but, the other Committee members as well as myself, are committed to backing all athlete groups in other disciplines. For example, we are currently supporting basketball; we want to help these young men so that they will continue with their practice, that is our idea and goal”, explained the sports leader.

Currently only seven of Nicoya's bike riders are keeping BMX alive. With ages ranging from 16 to 23 years old, they make the most out of any obstacle, such as gaps, banisters, sidewalks and mounds, using them to perform their jumps and tricks.

“Due to the lack of completely leveled and even spaces, we practice on the paved area located between the running track and the soccer field at the Polideportivo”, added Benavides.

These cyclists are professionals in the Street Jam and Flatland categories. The Flatland category includes doing several stunts, such as one-wheel balancing or spinning rapidly.

What is BMX?

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) started in the early 1970s in California, when young people tried to imitate motocross superstars with their bicycles. During the 1980's the type known as race, or racing on dirt track circuits, which is similar to those done on motorcycles, became very popular. Later, during the mid-80's, with the first freestyle bicycles, stunts were performed in skateparks and even on the streets, consolidating what we now know as BMX.


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