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Caricaco Music Fest Comes Back for More
Por Manuel Montero

Los Cuchillos

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m on my way to a meeting. Maybe it’s an uncommon day for such an event but then again, the meeting’s topic is far from “common”.

This is because Nosara’s Caricaco Fest which brings, in its second edition, a wonderful selection of artists and the promise of an excellent vibe, is simply out of the ordinary in the best sense of the word. So much so that it justifies working on a Sunday.

I finally meet with Alejandro and Steve in a bar near La Sabana, in San José, in order to listen to their proposal for the Caricaco Fest. I have been to Guiones twice in my life, both times for gigs, but I must say that its beach has a different sort of vibe, a bohemian magic that makes music the perfect complement for an amazing experience.

That’s why it’s not surprising that Alejandro “Dr. Su Papa” Gutiérrez and Steve Jacobus had the idea of creating this event.

Last year Jippo, Kurt Dyer, La Milixia and Phillip Antman got together. 350 people merged with the music in a truly beautiful place, achieving an unforgettable, but fortunately not an unrepeatable, experience.
During this year’s Fest, Jippo will be repeating and will be joined by Cocofunka (who are already well-known in Guiones), Los Cuchillos and Calavera y la Canalla, clearly showing that the music part is covered by top-quality bands that, in addition, have a musical concept that transcends theory and elevates music to a higher feeling. A real coexistence between the audience, music and the moment.

Calavera y la canalla
  Nacho Páez, guitarist for Cocofunka, is anxiously waiting for this year’s festival. “Playing there means going back to our roots, to one of the places in which we were born. Guiones is very special for our band since it was one of the first beaches in which we played. And to be honest the crowd and the band’s reaction were unforgettable.” Luigi Jiménez, of Calavera y la Canalla, mentioned “our main goal is to go and have a good time, we know it’s going to be a great trip for the band, going to the beach and playing some good music. It’s almost like a vacation”. Joaquín Tapia from Jippo, a band that repeats in 2010, explained that it is a great honor for them to be invited once again, that they value all the friendships they made back in 2009 and that they hope that the concert attracts an even larger crowd.

Surf Rock by Los Cuchillos, Blues Rock by Jippo, Funk Fusión on Cocofunka’s part and a blend of funk and Latin rhythms from Calavera y la Canalla. It is a lineup whose common denominator lies in the crowd’s reaction: maximum enjoyment.

English writer Douglas Adams used to say that the beach is not a place, but a state of mind. Guiones and Nosara fit perfectly into this description. The second edition of the Caricaco Fest (and we hope there are many more) promises to create just that. A weekend in which friends, strangers, music, nature, the ocean, the wind, well just about everything, comes together to create a collective state of mind in which we all enjoy ourselves.

Cheers and see you on the 24th!

Gates open at 3 pm

Happy hour 3-5 pm


Shuttle Buses
Starting at 3pm, durante toda
la noche con servicio cada hora
Ruta 1 Café de Paris – Giardino –
Frog Pad – Solo bueno – 500 colones
Ruta 2 Alfaro – Casona – Cruce Ostional –
5 esquinas Pelada– 500 colones

Place for Purchase
Frog Pad 6000 colones
Same day as event
Tierra Magnifica 8000 colones
Special prices during the festival
(Friday the 23rd y Saturday the 24th)
Hotel L’acqua Viva – $99 2 people
2682-1087 www.lacquaviva.com
Resort y cabinas 506 – $230 four people


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