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Lack of helmets is the leading traffic violation in the coastal areas

By Oliver Pérez

Driving a motorcycle without a helmet is one of the most common traffic violations made by drivers in the coastal areas that include Samara, Garza and Nosara.

During several routine operations done in different parts of these communities, transit police officers have been able to determine that drivers refuse to wear a helmet even if the new Ley de Tránsito (Transit Law) imposes a ¢220,000 colones ticket on those who do not wear one.

According to Dionisio Chávez, Chief of the Transit Police Station in Nicoya, routine checkpoints are primarily set up on the road that leads to Playa Samara and, in addition, they can take place at any time on the road to Nosara.

“We have observed, during our on-road inspections, that these areas are where many drivers are likely to disrespect the Transit Law”, explained the officer.

According to data from the Transit Police, on-road operations are done three times a month and, approximately 15 tickets are issued on each one.

One of the problems that officers have encountered is that each time they arrive at a particular place, other vehicles serve as a “warning bell” by letting other drivers know beforehand of the officer’s presence on the road.

Chávez mentioned that, during routine operations that have been done with the Fuerza Pública, they have detected vehicles and motorcycles without the proper documentation or that are being driven by underage drivers.

The reform made to the Ley de Tránsito (Transit Law), establishes a ¢58.680 colones ticket in cases where drivers do not carry the necessary documentation such as the registration card, the vehicle’s title certificate and the marchamo (road tax).


More Regional News

Bright Future for Nosara’s Arboreal Wildlife

Sustainable energy delivery finally becomes a reality in Nosara, Costa Rica.

The arboreal wildlife of Nosara is finally getting a break from the brutal electrocutions they have been exposed to in the past. The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (Costa Rican Electricity Institute, I.C.E. in Spanish) is replacing 20 km of the old uninsulated wire with the new insulated version, a measure that will hopefully save countless wild animal lives.

In the small-but-progressive country of Costa Rica, 95% of the electricity is considered “clean”, meaning that little or no greenhouse gases are emitted during the process of generating it. More >

The Regulatory Plan Starts – The Nosareños See a Better Quality of Life Through Development

• Agriculture and Industries are seen as sources of work
• Social welfare homes are being requested for the area's residents

For months we have been hearing about the need for a Regulatory Plan for Nosara. And so it seems that the moment has finally arrived and the process has started and which, according to the company hired to design and carry it out, INYPSA, will take at least two years. Representatives from the ASADAS and the Development Associations (Asociaciones de Desarrollo) from all the communities attended a meeting held on March 6th at the FUCAN. More >

Tourist Police Set Road Patrols After Robberies

Nosara’s new Tourist Police has been patrolling and escorting delivery trucks along the main road in order to prevent truck robberies since, during mid-January, two armed robberies took place on the road over the Río Frío, just 10 kilometers away from Samara’s gas station. More >

Elections for the School Board of the Nosara Elementary School have Not yet Been Held

On Tuesday, March 23rd, the election of the members of the School Board was cancelled for the third consecutive time due to a lack of quorum. 28 parents, out of the 70 to 80 parents that were needed, attended the meeting. For this reason Elias Cardenas, principal of the Escuela Serapio López, suspended the meeting. In response to the complaints on behalf of the parents who did take the time to attend the meeting, Cárdenas mentioned in a brief speech, “it is a shame that more parents did not show up for the meeting”. More >



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