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May Astrology Report
By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

As May begins let optimism and faith open your mind and heart. Find the balance between being grounded in the real, and seeking the ideal. Surprises are possible. Shake ups and break ups are par for the course. Choose to believe in miracles. Trust that this last spin cycle is necessary.

On the 11th Mercury turns direct in Taurus. Hopefully by now our purpose is clearer. We have streamlined our projects, and begun to ground our ideas. As the energy quickens, follow your gut and align your truth with your vision. Communicate your feelings without projecting. Notice reactions based on memories and unhealed wounds. Take the time to process before committing. Slow and steady wins the race.

The new moon falls on the 14th in Taurus, and things start to manifest. Get earthy. Plant flowers, eat good foods, revel in the sensuality of it all. Find stability by balancing out where you are going with how you are feeling. Make sure the two are harmonious. Use determination and persistence to create much needed change. Seek peace in all of your dealings and relationships.

When Venus moves into Cancer on the 21st, spend time moon gazing. Look for ways to nurture yourself, and offer others a shoulder to lean on. Caretake without creating co-dependency. Self-nurture without hiding in your shell. Find your place in the endless cycle of giving and receiving.

On the 27th the full moon in Sagittarius combines with other aspects to offer us a gateway, as the truth makes itself known. Stay humble and honest. Get clear about what fuels you. Do you have a vision for the future? What may be blocking it from becoming reality? What may feed it and spur you on?

Intuition is strong. Read the signals and signs. Avoid escapism, or being overly optimistic. Allow daily self-care to become second nature. By now you should feel clear about what stays and what needs to go. Be practical and patient. Focus on how things REALLY are and force yourself to do what you know is best. Keep it simple. Pay attention to dreams and flashes of insight.

When Uranus moves into Aries on the 30th, it is time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Innovation and Growth will begin to occur in all aspects of life. This shift will affect us for years to come. We are moving towards freedom. Change is upon us. The only answer is to heed the call and Awaken.

Please email me at [email protected] for a private session. adoringaphrodite.com



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Caricaco Music Festival – A Flavor For Every Palate

Saturday April 24th marked the Second Annual Caricaco Music Festival held at Tierra Magnifica. Four unique bands and local singers, came together to present Nosara residents and visitors with a variety of beats and rhythms. This year over 350 people attended the anxiously anticipated event, ranging from young children to seasoned adults from many corners of the world. More >

The “Bull Festival Fairs”

As it is traditional in Nosara, every April the Rodeo Fairs take place, and this year was no exception. Said event took place from April 15th to 18th, inviting the town and surrounding areas to enjoy the highly anticipated event. More >

Breakdancing Comes to Nosara with Youth Group “King of the Danceball”

We find the Youth Breakdance Group, King of the Danceball, looking as happy as can be, with desires to improve themselves, to learn and do things well. They are just now taking their first steps in the exquisite world of dance and they are aiming for one of the most complicated styles: breakdancing. “We like this type of dance a lot, we just feel the music and let it carry us, it makes us vibrate” says one member of the group, Kevin. More >

Recipe Thieves: Beware talented local chefs – your secrets are no longer safe!

This month’s Recipe Thief Assignment to steal recipes from the area’s best chefs takes place at La Cocina Doña Ana, and this month’s victim is none other than the restaurant’s namesake herself, Doña Ana. She has owned several sodas in the area over the years before settling at her current location 8 years ago. The restaurant offers a variety of local Tico food and is best known for its fresh seafood dishes. More >

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