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Local Youth Killed For Motorcycle –
Injustice Continues for Family of Murdered Nosareño
By Ashley Steayert

Some 15 teary-eyed family members join together to tell the story of their beloved son, grandson, brother, husband, cousin, nephew and father – Adrian Ruiz Chavarría. In the words of his grandfather Gregorio “he was a family man…for us he was the best grandson we had”.

On the night of his death, 27 year old Adrian went out dancing at the Nosara Fiestas with his wife of 8 years, Ana Gabriella, and their 5-year-old daughter, after which he dropped his family off at their home in the San Pedro neighborhood of Nosara. He then drove to Super Nosara to switch vehicles, dropping off the car and heading home alone on his motorcycle. It was on his way back home that he had a confrontation with the homicide suspect Carlos Villarreal Sanabria in front of Bar Bambú.

According to Nosara Police Officer Carlos Matarrita, Adrian died as a result of a stab “wound to the chest from a 20 cm knife at approximately 2:30am on Sunday April 18th”. Apparently the confrontation was the result of a dispute between the two men regarding a motorcycle. Adrian’s family tells VON that Adrian and Carlos were friends, and that the incident only occurred because the accused had been drinking.

In the opinion of Adrian’s mother Marielos, “they left [Adrian] to die”. She claims that her son was alive for nearly an hour after he was stabbed, begging for help in front of the Red Cross building before he bled to death on the street. Officer Matarrita confirms that Sanabria was arrested, but could not comment on his present whereabouts.

Concluding the interview with the Chavarría Family, Adrian’s aunt Elvira made a heartfelt statement asking “that justice be done”. She says “nobody in the world deserves for their life to be taken” and asks that the “law do what it has to do” to hold the accused responsible for his actions.

As if the grief and suffering caused by the death of their beloved Adrian wasn’t enough, the family continues to be haunted by outrageously false media coverage by national newspapers. One family member presented me with a copy of an article published by the La Extra headlining “HE WAS KILLED FOR DEFENDING HIS SISTER”. Adrian never had a sister. The family also told VON that another national newspaper, La Teja, printed an article identifying Adrian’s brother (who was not present at the scene of the crime) as the victim. The family was not contacted by either of the above-mentioned newspapers.
Reflecting on the night Adrian died, the entire Chavarría family agrees that “it would have been possible to save him [had he received medical attention], there’s no doubt about that”.


More Regional News

Nosareños Will Spend the Winter Without a Retaining Dam

Each year the Nosareños are affected by the floods caused by the growth of the Nosara River and, since there won’t be a retaining wall, or dam, that will prevent the water from reaching many homes in the community, this year won’t be the exception. More >

Sámara Waterline Project At Standstill

The waterline amplification project that began in 2009 has come to a halt due to management and land ownership complications. According to Sámara ASADA Administrator Eduardo Arnáez, the endeavor was initiated last year because “the town has developed a lot and the demand for water is increasingly greater”. More >

Evictions in Garza – One Land. Many Owners.

6 families from Garza are holding a dispute with Luis Diego Franchesky Chacón, owner of the property on which they live and from which they have an eviction order that was pronounced by the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública. The order against one of the families was halted by the Sala Constitucional and, for the time being, the other five eviction orders have been paused by the Municipalidad. More>

Containers in Guiones: The Battle for Land In The Name Of Protection

After months of heated public debate and controversy regarding the placement and occupation of several storage containers in the Guiones area, The Voice of Nosara exclusively interviewed the two people representing both opposing sides of the story: Bobbi Johnson and Richmond Phipps. More >

Nicoya Cemetery out of Space City Hall Lacks Lot for New One

The local Nicoyan government continues to search in vain for an eligible site for a new cemetery in the canton, despite the fact that the current graveyard has been unusable for the last 20 years. More >

“Maybe the next government will do it”.
Arias passes the buck on Samara-Nosara’s paved road

Thursday April 22nd, the community of Nosara received a visit from the President of the Republic, Oscar Arias, to officially inaugurate the airfield. During his visit representatives of EBAIS, The Red Cross and other public entities delivered him letters that expressed their urgent need to receive improvements and aid. More >

Oscar Arias in Nosara – His Visit Revealed

Arias Inaugurates Nosara and Nicoya Airfields
On Thursday April 22nd, the former president of the Republic, Oscar Arias, took scissors and went to cut the tapes at the inauguration of the airfields at Nicoya and Nosara.

Some Excerpts from Outgoing President Oscar Arias’s speech in Nosara
Opening the speech
“This could possibly be the last time that, at least as president, I will be with you. As of May 8th, as a Costa Rican citizen again, I am going to be with you many more times” More >

Interview with Transportation Vice Minister Pablo Castro

“Up until ten minutes ago I did not know about this situation” (regarding closed River Frio Bridge)

VON: Why is the company MECO moving so slowly in its maintenance work of the Samara-Nosara route?
Castro: Last year we had problems with funding because of the way in which the contract (with MECO) was granted. We were paying for the specific project, and, because of the financial arrangements, things were getting more expensive. More >

High Season Shows Nosara Economy Overcoming Crisis

While the world economy continues to struggle with economic recovery, the pillars of Nosara’s economy, surfing, yoga and nature tourism, have helped it weather the turmoil. More >



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