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Salsa Classes in Nosara Town
Move Your Body to the Salsa Rhythm

By Pinar Istek

The salsa class includes 15 students on Monday, May 9, 2011

On an early Monday evening, more than 10 Nosareños filled the dance floor at El Rancho Tico restaurante, sweating to the moving rhythms of Salsa. This specific group has been paying attention to the Salsa beats more than three months now.

“There are normally almost 30 people in this class. But today is Monday,” said Willy Porras, the instructor of the class. Porras, who started dancing when he was three, has been teaching salsa for 17 years.

Even though nearly half of the class didn’t attend on the rainy, first day of the week, they seem to show a great interest for these 4 times a week classes. Porras commented that, “I think they are very good, some of my best students ever. They are very excited, interested in dance and really want to learn. They pay a lot of attention.”

Salsa is not only fun, but also a good work out for students. The experienced instructor said, “it is good exercise for body and mind. It is a good reason and way to spend time. In other words, it is a healthy distraction (from daily life),”

Willy Porras is currently teaching at El Rancho Tico. Additionally, there are some other places that host his classes like Blue Spirit, Nosara Gym, Kaya Sol, La Banana, Café de Paris and Costa Rica Yoga Spa. The ongoing class schedule at Rancho Tico is Monday through Thursday at 6p.m. – 7:30p.m and it cost 2500 colones per week.

One of the students tries to follow the instructions carefully during a salsa class on
Monday, May 9, 2011. 
One of the 15 students was a male that day. But the instructor said there are
normally almost five males in his class. 

Despite the cool weather that the drizzling rain brought, the class participants severely sweated while dancing more than for an hour.

Students tries to follow the instructions of the instructor, Willy Porras, carefully during a salsa class on Monday, May 9, 2011.

Students tries to follow the instructions carefully during a salsa class on Monday, May 9, 2011. 

Dance floor is suitable for bare-foot or shoes-on dancing.


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As the sky darkened on Saturday, April 30th, and stars began to dot the heavens, about 110 members of the Symphony Orchestra 25 de Julio tuned their instruments in a candlelit open-air theater behind Intercultura School in Samara Beach.

Cultural History of a Nation: Nago de Nicoya

He greeted me from behind an almost 30-year-old, rusty and tired Olympia typewriter at his place, which is a few blocks from the Samara Beach. He wasn't writing. Instead while listening to the waves, he was reading one of his many books. The smell of the ocean was blending into the smell of the old book pages.

Ten Years of Live Music at the Gilded Iguana
The story behind a Tuesday Night tradition

If it's Tuesday, it's live music night at the Gilded Iguana, and that's been true since 2001, ten years ago. Back then, right back at the turn of the millennium, Nosara was sleepy and undiscovered. "People were starving for live music," remembers Steve Coan, who with fellow musician Joe Davis can be considered the "Founding Fathers" of the local music scene.

May Astrology Report

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