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July Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

As July begins Uranus retrograde throws on the brakes, urging us to explore our psyche. Why do we do the things we do? What really motivates us? The desire for freedom is strong. Awareness increases. Avoid sudden moves. Mull things over and wait for flashes of insight. Creativity and inventiveness are favored.

On the 10th mercury enter Leo. Speak with authority! Be persuasive, enthusiastic-smile and show you care. Take in the bigger picture. Use drama for telling stories, instead of making havoc in your personal life. Avoid boasting. Communicate with heart. Don’t forget to listen, and remember, it is always best when everyone wins.

On the 11th there is a full solar eclipse in Cancer, heralding new beginnings. Matters of the maternal, home and family, feelings and emotions are all highlighted. Get real about the past. Look within. See which wounds are ready to be released. The time has come for a fresh start. What brings you happiness? Own it, honor it. and rejoice.

On the 11th Venus enters Virgo and off come the rose colored glasses. We take a more detached view in matters of love and money. Be discerning, but guard against criticism. Perfection is an ideal not easily attainable in the real world. Scrutinize your ideas, and seek out the areas where fear is the motivation. Allow the truth to surface.

On the 22nd Saturn returns to Libra and our focus is on relationships. Create connections based on mutual growth and support. Share dreams. Compromise your opinions, but not your integrity. Give and take. Be a team player.

Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries on the 23rd and resources may suddenly run dry. Things seem volatile and uncertain. Try to stay focused on your goals and aspirations. Look at how you are expending your energy. Spend a moment in reflection. Uncover hidden resources that can assist you. Dream the dream, but remember to consider the steps necessary to make it a reality.

The full moon falls on the 25th in Aquarius and it is time to get out and connect with like-minded individuals. Let go of competition. Embrace the knowledge that we can only get where we are going by working together. Gather in community and support each other. Take in the stars and feel your place in the vastness of things. Allow the miraculous to enliven you.

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July 25th, Celebration of the Anexión’s Day – The Vl Guanacaste Festival Will Provide Seven Tradition-Filled Days

NICOYA – Typical dances and traditional games, marimba music and exhibitions are just part of the festivities that the community of Nicoya has prepared to commemorate the VI Festival de la Guanacastequidad (VI Guanacaste Festival), which is being organized by the Dirección Regional de Enseñanza and which will include seven days of cultural activities. More >

The End Is Near, and Coming To Nosara

Director of the acclaimed Costa Rican feature film El Cielo Rojo, Miguel Gómez, has set his sites on the Nosara area to film the crucial final scenes of his latest movie entitled El Fin. Teamed up with photography Brett Pawlak, who has directed several Hollywood music videos, including one of the Smashing Pumpkins, Gómez will be shooting in our own back yard during the middle of July 2010. More >

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