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August Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

As August begins the energy is intense. We are motivated for growth, yet confined by limitations. The world around us seems chaotic as issues come to a head, or shake loose at the foundation. Be gentle with yourself.

Mars is in Libra and it is time to make love, not war.
Compromise is essential. Let go of passive aggressive behavior, and any tendency toward procrastination. Try to acknowledge power struggles and issues of emotional manipulation when they arise. You may feel weighed down by the details. Breathe deep. Use this time to explore the possibilities before committing to a plan of action. Find the balance between your head, and your heart.

On the 8th Venus moves into Libra, lightening the mood. Share ideas and connect with others, spruce up your surroundings, throw a dinner party. Seek out solid connections for comfort and support. Take a stand for truth and beauty. Some relationships may need to change in order to survive. Play nice. Be flexible and fair. Begin to heal issues of self-confidence and trust.

The new moon falls on the 10th in fiery Leo, asking us to become aware of how we impact our world. Spend a moment getting centered. Unplug from technology and listen to your intuition. Dance, sing, awaken your creativity. Share time with children. Take a leadership roll. Stand up and express yourself!

On the 15th Uranus moves back into watery Pisces,
and we can get clear on what will make us happiest in the coming months. Commune with the natural rhythm- moving towards a lifestyle that honors your physical being and your spirit. Don’t be afraid to change change change…and change some more. The journey is just beginning.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 20th in Virgo and we revise, redo, reflect, and renew. As our ideas begin to manifest in the world, we must adjust to the circumstances around us. Take a closer look at existing projects to see if you missed an important detail. Scrutinize the facts. Search for new information. Don’t forget to see the forest for the trees.

The full moon falls on the 24th in watery Pisces, asking us to imagine a place where people and nature live in harmony. Spend time near the ocean and feel the interconnectedness of life. The transformation that is taking place will affect us for years to come. We must begin to honor and care for our Earth. The time is now, and we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.

Many Blessings And Pura vida!


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Mother’s Day Celebration – Party to Benefit the Nosara Kindergarten

The Coronation Ball for the Mother’s Pageant of kindergarten students of the Nosara Serapio Lopez Elementary School took place on Friday, August 13th before a large audience! More >

Editus Guitarist Edin Solis Featured in Local Concert

A transcendent night of music that featured internationally renowned guitarist Edin Solis from the band Editus at an August 6 concert at hotel Bella Vista Mar showed off visiting and local talent in a world-class lineup arranged by musician Bill MacPherson. More >

Behind the scenes on location
The Rain Was No Match Against “El Fin”

Independent film writer and director, Miguel Gomez, chose Playa Pelada, of all the beaches of his native Costa Rica, to be the setting for the end of the world. In Gomez’s upcoming film, “El Fin”, the final scene of the film portrays the central characters, all whom have experienced a figurative end to “their” worlds, meditating on their lives, on Playa Pelada at sunset – just as the fatal meteor strikes. More >

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