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Editus Guitarist Edin Solis Featured in Local Concert

By Fritz Elmendorf

A transcendent night of music that featured internationally renowned guitarist Edin Solis from the band Editus at an August 6 concert at hotel Bella Vista Mar showed off visiting and local talent in a world-class lineup arranged by musician Bill MacPherson.

The poolside shelter at the hilltop hotel in Playa Pelada offered an intimate setting and warm acoustics for the 70 people that gathered for a night of music and tapas. Spread out on a variety of lounge and beach chairs, the setting was informal and intimate, allowing focus on the delicate interplay of jazz and Latin notes.

MacPherson, the Los Angeles guitarist who moved to Nosara full-time five years ago after several years of visits, also tapped visiting jazz singer Laura Martier, and as a bonus got her husband Dan, who is a drummer currently touring the U.S. and here for a short visit. The Nosara-based Argentine multi-instrumentalist Hernan Olalla built a dazzling base line.

San Jose-based Edin Solis, who is currently focused on movie soundtracks when not playing or on tour with Grammy-Award winning (Latin Pop) Editus, showed off his melodic riffs on classic guitar in mellifluous Spanish style, and jammed like old friends with MacPherson.


From left to right – Dan Martier: percussion, Laura Martier: voice,
Bill Macpherson: guitar, Edin Solis: guitar, Hernan Olalla: bass

U.S. recording artist Laura Martier, taking a break here from the beaches of North Carolina, has been making regular appearances at local venues and this grouping allowed her to show off the depth of her vocal talent, embodying Nina Simone into her own style with a soulful and heartfelt “Love is a Losing Game”.

Hernan Olalla, perhaps Nosara’s most versatile musician, shined on bass guitar, showing off his solid jazz and blues chops.

Dan Martier, who will be touring with Dave Matthews band member Tim Reynolds this year, showed his ability to innovate with a small Djembi borrowed from Bill’s daughter Shelby, as well as other found items including the moving fan blade overhead.

To complete the evening, Guest Chef Miguel Guerrero from Tamarindo Beach presented a broad sampling of bocas, featuring excellent meats and chorizos, with creative treatments of focaccias, Stromboli, and egg salad.

The Hotel Bella Vista Mar was completely refurbished and reopened this past season with Italian ownership, and offered a flowing space and great acoustics for the concert. MacPherson, who has been managing the 9-room hotel since February with his wife Janet, is planning a future series of concerts with guest artists on the beautiful property.

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