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Nicoya's Municipal Slaughterhouse Will Have a New Tenant
• Previous tenant has not paid rent in 5 years

By Oliver Pérez

Before 2011 ends, the Municipality of Nicoya is looking for a new tenant to administer the Municipal Slaughterhouse because the one who had been leasing it for the last five years has failed to make the monthly payment for five years. Due to this, the municipality decided to close it at the beginning of the month of September.

Marco Jimenez, City Hall mayor, explained that due to this breach of contract, the decision was made to put the lease out for bids so that many can participate and, at the same time, make known the regulations for its operation. City Hall came to an arrangement for payment with the tenant, and they signed an agreement to hand over the location when a new leaseholder is chosen.

The Nicoya slaughterhouse is the only one in the province of Guanacaste, so if it closed, local butchers would need to go to Alajuela for butchering, increasing transportation expenses, and assuming the expenses themselves if they can't charge their clients more.

"For us, it is a great benefit that this slaughterhouse is open since it is the only one in the zone, and going to buy meat in Alajuela would increase our costs and we can't pass this cost on to the clients. I hope that the new administration works for the good of all the butcher shops," said Eider Gutierrez, proprietor of the Nicoyan butcher shop Villa Reina.


To make use of the slaughterhouse, a bill of 25,000 colones ($50) must be paid per cow or pig. With this, the animal is killed and cleaned. Per week between 40 and 50 animals can be slaughtered.

The mayor indicated that "We are devising a regulation to put into practice with the future tenant. A municipal property cannot be used without the owner receiving money."

Another problem that led to this measure is that apparently hygiene and safety standards were not being fulfilled. The municipality is asking that in the future, improvements are made in the cleaning of the oxidation lagoon, repairing machinery, implementing a new system in the Romans service and improving the butchering processes.

According to the information provided by Jimenez, the municipality didn't receive 17 million colones ($34,000) in five years for lack of payment. The monthly amount for rent is 250,000 colones ($500).

Jimenez said that having taken back the service of the municipal slaughterhouse, located in La Mansion, is not just important due to the increase in income, but also because the new regulations guarantee quality service to the population.


More Regional News

Nosara Expects to Have its Garbage Truck Working Again by Tuesday

Nosara's garbage truck has been out of service since Thursday, November 24th, when its engine suffered a technical failure that caused it to release large amounts of oil, causing the engine to burn out. 

Samara ASADA Encourages the community to attend their Annual Assembly

“Every household with a water meter should have a representative at this meeting”, affirmed Deborah Nezil, secretary of Samara’s ASADA (Water Board). The annual assembly will be held on Saturday, November 26th at 3 p.m. in Samara’s community hall. 

A “Safe Samara” in 30 days
Ministry of Public Security promises security plan for Samara

After cancelations, reschedules and delays, Director General of the Ministry of Public Security for Costa Rica Juan José Andrade Morales finally made it to Samara, and what he had to say was received with applause. 

Nicoyans Honor Tradition of Chopping Wood for the Virgin of Guadalupe

On Saturday, November 12th, Nicoyans woke up early to the sound of fireworks set off to celebrate the ceremonial chopping of firewood. With this festivity, honor is paid to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Nicoya, and it is carried out in strict adherence to the aboriginal tradition of the Chorotegas, who originated the custom.

Guiones Tourist Police Office With no Funds Again
• Delays in procedures of the Ministry of Security hinders possible agreement to assume costs

The Association of security of Nosara is without funds to pay for the rental of the Office of the tourist police and their representatives say that it will close at any time if donations don’t arrive soon. This was the central theme during the meeting held on Friday, November 11 at the premises of the FUCAN.

Bus Terminal in Nicoya gets a facelift

If you are a frequent client of the municipal market and the bus terminal of Nicoya, you may have noticed more green and more cleanliness in the installations. It is a project forming slowly in order to change the image of this place. 

New Cell Phone Towers Raise Concerns

In recent months new cell phone towers have been popping up in strange places, like right along the road to Guiones across from Nosara Yoga Institute, in the center of Nicoya, in front of the dwellings of Pueblo Nuevo in El Torito of Samara, and one directly in the center of Samara in the same block as the school.

ICT Will Strengthen Cultural Identity Through Typical Food and Native Plants

In a short time tourists and Nicoyanos will be able to enjoy a taste of minced flor de piñuela, flor de itabo and eggs or minced pipián, among other traditional dishes as the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) launches its National Healthy and Sustainable Culinary Plan (Plan Nacional de Gastronomía Sostenible y Saludable).

VON Survey Results

The Voice of Nosara would like to thank our readers who participated in our 2011 reader survey in May and June, and we are pleased to report some of the results from the survey. The survey was designed to identify reader demographics, reading habits, concerns and suggestions in order to improve VON's service to the community and to advertisers.


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