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Nosareños Holidays
By Pamella Ellsworth

Here in the latitudes so low the holidays don't sprout and shout like billboards and commercials. There's nothing to exchange or assemble and batteries aren't required. At this latitude the holidays have more to do with attitude.
The skies over Nosara clear and a gentle breeze and a mild mannered sun shoo the locals out of their solitude and into a world come to life with festivities. For a little while we're dazed and dazzled by the furious pace. Tourists and snowbirds zoom to and fro in a stream of golf carts , tuk tuks , quads and SUVs. We must remember to look both ways again . The hills, dark and silent for so many months , are suddenly festooned with the lights in vacation homes and music bounces from hillside to hillside as the incoming revelers party the nights away . Our visitors regale us with tales from the distant real world. Their conversations often leave us mystified but curious. The trends that come and go from year to year rarely materialize here. Our senses are titillated with the sights and sounds of all the merrymaking. Restaurants, hotels and shops shuttered and closed for weeks on end open their doors and hungry and lonely after our hibernation we
 commence to eat , drink and be merry.
As Nosareños pick up speed our visitors take a deep breath and reduce their speed. Leaving their real world of schedules and deadlines behind them they sink their feet in the sand, surf and soak up the sun. The mesmerizing rhythm of the waves, the slumbering monkeys and the lullaby of clattering palm fronds brings the high speed traffic of troubles in their minds to a standstill. Their senses fill with the sights and sounds of our real world making merry. Red hibiscus bows festoon the bushs, parrots like airborne rock and roll bands crank up the volume and stars stud the night skies with opulent bling. When they return to their homes in the higher latitudes their most cherished souvenirs will be their new attitudes and they'll regale their friends and neighbors with curious and mystifying tales from a distant but real world.
Happy Holidays !

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CREAR Offers New Innovative After School Programs and Community Activities

Samara- La Asociacion CREAR, founded in 2005, is a non-profit organization offering a wide variety of services to the local members of the community, primarily children, all completely free of charge.  CREAR provides educational opportunities in the fields of technology, music, art, English, dance, theater, environmental education, horticulture, sports, values and academic support. CREAR offers after-school programs from Monday through Thursday as well as, summer camps, weekly clubs (cooking and yoga!) and tutorials. More >


With new and fresh energy and hopefully more volunteers, Escuelita de Verano (Little Summer School) will be running again starting January 4th -29th, 2010. We are located at the Santa Marta school, where we will be welcoming children ages 5 to 15. In case you are not familiar with our program, Escuelita de Verano is a non-profit educational program offered to the children of Nosara and surrounding areas for the entire month of January.More >

We Will Have Firefighters In Nosara

For the past 11 years I have lived in Nosara, which I love, everyday feeling more like it’s my home. As the years passed I realized that Nosara has many problems, but despite all this we have tried to live in this paradise. More >


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