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A New Association with the National Library System Brings Greater Strength to the David Kitson Library
By Beverly Kitson

Recently the Biblioteca David Kitson (BDK) signed an agreement with the National Library System to be included in their network of 58 libraries - 33 official libraries, supported directly by the federal government, and 25 semiofficial which are dependent on local governments and private entities for their working budgets.  The General Direction of Libraries in San Jose provides technical and professional help to all as well as book donations several times a year; these enhance our collection allowing us to spend the money on other needed operations.

The libraries are divided into regions to facilitate monthly meetings where the experts from San Jose provide guidance. Here in Guanacaste there are 10 libraries of which only four have librarians with 2 or 4 year university degrees.  BDK’s librarian, Consuelo Juarez, has a two-year certificate in
library science and in April of 2010 will complete her bachelors degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Central America in Nicoya.  Consuelo has contributed so much to the library, and hence the community, through her work. 

What do we bring to the national system that is new and different?  Our library with its collection of over 10,000 books is one of the larger libraries!.  Our philosophy of open stacks and easy access to borrowing books creates a friendly informal atmosphere.  We have a strong inter-active program with the local elementary school and a seniors program which is unique in the country. Our budget, raised completely through donations, allows for the purchase of best-sellers which are read enthusiastically by the Ticos and then discussed in the adult readers club.

We have a teaching program with the elementary school readers clubs to help them better read and analyze. The young people of our community come eagerly to the library where they can access their text books as well as recreational reading books. Typing or keyboarding and English are taught on a regular basis throughout the year. Our library is also the home base for the night school program CINDEA (GED program in the U.S.) where 70 students work for their high school degree. There is a very sizeable collection of books in English for children, young adults and adults and the section of German language books is increasing as well.

This is a program well worth supporting. It has helped this community to grow and change. But it is costly and we need your support.  There will be two fundraising activities during January and February; these activities will hopefully provide the budget goal of $30,000.  Look for more information about these events in the up-coming issues of the VON.

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