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Samara Residents Donate Time and Resources to Promote “Eco-Tico” Culture, More Community Volunteers Needed
By Bubba Aragon

Founded in October 2009, Alianza Verde (Green Alliance) is dedicated to teaching our local children and families to become Eco-Ticos: ecology conscious citizens of the Earth. Cleaning our environment and maintaining the Eco-System is not difficult - as long as we are all involved. In just one week's time we have provided trashcans and recycling receptacles, posted signs and reinforced recycling procedures in the community of Samara. This is a big commitment that we are willing to take the lead of, and hopes to get your commitment to clean up Samara's beaches and streets. Businesses need to clean the area in front of and behind their establishments. It is your city too and Eco-Ticos need to teach everyone alike. People are the problem, but are also the only solution. Marine debris is one pollution problem that individuals can solve by direct, individual action…

What We Can Do to Become Eco-Ticos:

  • Do not throw any trash on the ground
  • Do not use straws
  • Parents - teach your children to clean up after themselves and others
  • Kids - teach your parents the way of Eco-Tico
  • Don't use plastic bags; use cloth ones instead
  • Don't smoke cigarettes; if you do smoke, don’t throw or bury filters – put them in the trash

Alianza Verde Services

  • Provide Trash Cans
  • Collect Recyclables Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Organize Beach and City Clean-Up on Saturday mornings
  • Promote Eco-Tico Culture by providing Ecological education
  • Provide Beach Benches
  • Establish Information Stand
  • Provide Educational Material and Painting Activities for Local Schools

How Alianza Verde benefits your Business and City

  • Publicity – As the first Green City in Guanacaste
  • Cut Costs – By eliminating Styrofoam and straws
  • Encourage New Ecology Conscious Customers and Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Stay Ahead of Legislation
  • Create a Healthier City

We are 3 citizens of the Earth asking you, our brothers and sisters to help clean the planet - no excuses. We do accept donations, and ask that you come and volunteer your time and energy to the cause of the Eco-Tico.

Thank you and One Love 2012

Bubba Aragon Founder
Dixie Aragon Educational Director
Elizabeth Lua Administrative Director

[email protected]

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