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A Weekend of Health and Art in Samara

By Sarah Cook
Citizen Journalist from Samara

The second health fair held in Samara was bigger and better this year, taking place over two days instead of one, December 7-8, with more participants and volunteering than last year.

Several hundred people benefiting from the free services, education and entertainment offered at the Natural Center Gym and Spa. 

At the same time, an arts and crafts festival was held in the parking area next to the Samara school, culminating in a dramatic performance by students from Samara Pacific School, in which a generous girl was rewarded by two angels after having given something to everyone she came across, including her coat and milk.  The moral: if everyone was kind, the world would be a better place. 

Free 10-minute massages from Samara Massage School students and free dental services topped the list of services that visitors signed up for. 

Thomas Franceschi, the head of the College of Surgical Dentists here in Costa Rica, provided his dental services at the fair. “I try to help the Costa Rican people to be conscience of their dental hygiene,” he stated. He brought all his own equipment and set it up at the fair so that more than 150 patients had the chance to learn the importance of regular dental checkups. Other dentists, including Dr. Douglas Murillo, also came to promote their services and handed out free toothpaste.

Music also made this event come alive. The band  Improvisazon entertained the crowd with their alternative experiment that fuses theatre and music.

Children also enjoyed the festivities, which included face painting by Betty Janos. “This was very popular. I had fun painting butterflies, hearts and other designs on these kids,” she said.

If community support remains the same, this special event will continue. Patsy Scott, who organized the fair, was happy with the turnout and said that it was thanks to the amazing volunteers who dedicated their time and energies to making the health fair a success.




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Be Healthy and Happy during Samara’s Health Fair

“Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other,” said English writer Joseph Addison. You will likely concur with that statement if you spend an afternoon in Samara at this year’s health fair at the Natural Center Gym and Spa, located next to Samara school.


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