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Archeologists Didn’t Find Indian Remains in Front of Colonial Church

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo

Nicoyans have expressed divided opinions over the construction of a new plaza in front of the Colonial Church. One of the concerns manifested by some is about the existence of indigenous remains en the area where they are moving earth. 

However, this was ruled out after a visit made on Thursday, November 22 by archeologists Juan Vicente Guerrero and Myrna Rojas Garro, head of the anthropology and history department of the National Museum.

During their inspection, the experts affirmed that the specific area where they are building the plaza “doesn’t show evidence of anything archeological or prehispanic.”

Another point of contention for many Nicoyans was cutting down the Guanacaste tree that was in the north corner of the Recaredo Briceño Park.  Minaet confirmed that they gave permission for chopping down the tree, and Marvin Sanchez, the priest who approved felling the tree, said he is in favor of the construction of the plaza and affirmed that the wood from the huge Guanacaste is in the church’s possession.  

According to information from the municipality’s website, “the main stage of the square will have a dual use. It will be located on the site of the current kiosk in Briceño Recaredo Park. The front of the stage facing the south will be able to house small performances for an audience of about 500 people. The second section will face north (toward the plaza) for shows with audiences of more than 2500 people.”

The new plaza will cost 144 million colones ($288,000) and, according to the project schedule, the work should be completed in March 2013.

The Guanacaste tree was cut down during the early hours on Sunday morning,
November 11.
Archeologists Juan Vicente Guerrero and Myrna Rojas Garro didn't find
prehispanic evidence.


More Regional News

Drought Will Hit Communities with Water Shortages

Starting now, several communities in the Canton of Nicoya will have to have patience as water rationing will be the order of the day since this past rainy season left a 25% shortage of water, according to Water and Sewer (AyA—Acueductos y Alcantarillados).

New Law Could Bring Salary Changes to Wait Staff Served

A decision by the constitutional court in San Jose, in a 6-1 vote, made to streamline income and collect taxes on it, could mean the loss of millions of colones for serving and wait-staff across the country.

Increase in Crime with Return of Tourists

During the first 15 days of November, the beginning of tourist season, the tourist police reported an increase in the number of crimes against property. At the same time, Jeison Vargas, tourist police chief in Guiones, assured that this is what the tourist police are here for and that they are visiting the area businesses every day.

Costa Rica Scores More or Less On Corruption Index

Costa Rica ranks 48th in Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) which measures perceived public sector corruption in 176 countries. Costa Rica’s score in the 2012 survey is 54 on a scale of 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean).

Thieves Steal Boat Engine in Garza

On the morning of Monday, November 19th, Juan Rafael Hernandez Salguera (known as Juan Mora) of Garza received a phone call that his boat was missing. The anchor had been cut.

Water May Cause Illnesses in Nosara Schoolchildren

On November16th, Serapio López School filed a complaint with the Ministry of Health after several children had health problems, apparently caused by water consumption in their facilities.

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