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Second Annual Nosara Fashion Show
Nosara’s Summer Collection 2011
has Arrived

• From Yoga and Doilies to Retro and Bikinis

By Marcia Banes
Photos by James Rees

Marla in Margarita Garro

Marta in Clara Jones


The Second Annual Nosara Fashion Show, held at the Estancia Nosara Private Club, welcomed more than 350 enthusiastic guests to preview the collections of six distinctive designers. Missing from the list of designers was last year’s headliner, Karelle Levy, who was unable to attend as originally publicized.

This year’s concept of clothes designed for the jungle lifestyle conveyed a mellow feel in comparison to the loud Miami party vibe of last year’s event, with versatile designs created for day to day living as opposed to the fun and funky knitwear from the KREL WEAR line. Special Guest DJ, Paul DaCosta provided the music for the two-hour show and the after party continued until 3 am.

First on the runway was a collection of yoga clothing provided by Mandala boutique. The Mandala designs were light and colorful with several layered pieces that represented casual comfort. They were highlighted by the models performing yoga poses to show how freely the clothing moves with the body.

The next designers on the scene were husband and wife Gonca Gul and Gunther Entileman showing new exclusive designs from their Bazzaar Men clothing store. A mix of man skirts, scarves and pilot goggles inspired by the deserts of the Middle East are also the perfect defense against the dust and heat of the Jungle.

Rounding out the first half of show was Klara Jones’ collection of tops and dresses created from doilies collected from around the world. These frilly designs accentuate the female body by showing off the feminine areas of the shoulders, back and chest.

The show’s second half proved to be more vibrant, picking up the pace with an electronic dance vibe that started off with Nina Arias’ new collection of brightly colored tube dresses. The form-fitting dresses are made from lycra material that won’t wrinkle, making them a versatile option for life at the beach. The dresses were accessorized by authentic Colombian Mochila Bags.

Margarita Garro’s models wore a diverse assortment of revamped thrift clothing that brought an upbeat 80’s feel to the night’s lineup. These clothes successfully combined stripes, floral prints, and converse tennis shoes to break the old rules of fashion while still making recycled threads a stylish choice.

Completing the night’s show was Venuzuelan designer Desi Morffe, and her Aroma De Mar collection of dresses, jumpers and bikinis. Desi’s popular surf specific bikinis, handmade and accentuated with beads and other additions, stole the show. Desi also showed off her elegant side with a few long, layered party dresses.

Accompanying this year’s festivities was a Silent Auction benefiting the Surfing Nosara Foundation along with SK Acoustic band members Erik Antonson and Andrew Saxton, playing up to the crowd with their unique acoustic versions of many popular and original songs.

Items were donated to the Silent Auction by the show’s designers as well as several other local boutiques and businesses, adding a charitable touch to the event.

Monica in Clara Jones

Becky in Nina Arias

Tiffany in Margarita Garro


Sasha by Nina Arias

Alex dressed by Bazzar Men

Tini by Margarita Garro

Monica in Desi Morfe

Marcia in Desi Morfe

Yerling in Desi Morfe

Sasha in Madala

Yerling in Mandala

Martin dressed by Bazzar Men



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