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Stand Up Paddling - A Great New Way to Explore Nosara
By Ryan Gorman
Photos courtesy of Felipe Lopez and Spencer Klein

Water based action sports are becoming more popular everyday all across the world. Being out on the water and getting a workout is much more fun and exhilarating than running on a treadmill, working out on your BoFlex or breaking out the Shake Weight. To each his own, but regardless, water sports and action sports like Surfing, Kiteboarding, Kayaking etc. are growing at a rapid pace.

In fact, one of the newest, most popular ways to get out on the water and stay in shape is Stand Up Paddling. This old Hawaiian sport and hobby has exploded in the last few years and has been taking the world by storm. Even land locked people are able to find a lake or river nearby where they can take out a board and paddle. This is why the sport has caught on and grown so quickly, because it is so dynamic and incredibly accessible for many people. Not to mention, it is an amazing head-to-toe workout, as well.

The sport has even spread as far as Costa Rica, and here in Nosara people are including it as a new and exciting activity to add to their vacation agendas. Spencer Klein, owner of Experience Nosara, an adventure tour company specializing in stand up paddling, kayaking and nature tours talked about what the sport is all about and where you can try it.

Basically, paddle boarding is broken up into two main categories: Paddle Surfing and Stand Up Paddling. Paddle surfing is exactly what you think…surfing waves on a paddleboard. Spencer enjoys stand up and paddle surfing, but he believes that there are some very important things to consider when going paddle surfing or learning how to use a stand up paddleboard. He feels that, “No matter what kind of boards we choose to ride, it’s good to remember that we’re all a part of the bigger picture out in the lineup. The experience of being out there on the ocean, riding waves -- that’s what we’re all here for. With this perspective, respect becomes paramount to everyone’s experience.”

The fact is that paddleboards themselves are very heavy and they become dangerous projectiles in the water when people fall off them. This is why Spencer encourages stand up paddlers to stick to the water less occupied, saying “With stand up, or paddle surfing, part of that respect is finding those lineups that are empty or not crowded. If that means surfing dawn patrol or at off hours, so be it, but I don’t think paddle surfing (for the vast majority of people) has a place in crowded lineups. So, I don’t see how paddle surfing the main peak in Guiones with the morning crowd makes a whole lot of sense.”

If you are learning how to stand up paddle, Spencer recommends heading over to the bay in Garza. However, he suggests, “Those going on their own should really have a good comfort level with the ocean and a good understanding of swell/wind patterns. For the majority of people it’s probably a better idea to take a lesson, because there is quite a bit to learn to make your own experience positive, while keeping those around you safe.”

There are many great places around here to explore on a paddleboard and that’s what Experience Nosara is all about. So, if you are looking to see another face of Nosara and do something different during your trip here, go out there and explore while getting a fulfilling work out stand up paddling on the ocean and rivers in our backyard.

WEBSITE – experience-nosara.com
or [email protected]



This page brought to you by SURFING NOSARA.
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