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Olga’s Bar Reopens with the Hot Rhythms of Calavera y la Canalla

By Irina Guzmán

On Saturday, the 14th, there was a big party at Olga’s bar in Pelada Beach as celebrated the reopening and remodeling after more than 20 years of serving the public. Among the new touches was the inauguration of a performance area for artists where the karaoke area used to be. While they continue with the same Tico menu, now the portions are much bigger. 

The party started at 1 pm with DJ Maritza in charge of the music.  By 3 pm the Guanacestecan group GuanaVibra debuted for the first time in front of the ocean infusing great vibes from their reggae roots with Latin rhythms.    

The feasting continued into the evening and Olga’s filled with even more people who came to wait for the Costa Rican group Calavera y la Canalla. A little after 8:30, Calavera y la Canalla came out on the scene full of energy and ready to have the best time, moving their bodies to the rhythm of rumba, salsa, cumbia, meringue, reggae and rock.  

Lucho, the group’s singer, said he felt very relaxed at Olga’s because, unlike in concerts in San Jose, here the people don’t know him and, when he saw people dancing he felt happier than ever. 


The group formed three years ago when Lucho arrived from Spain and sought out the members who today form La Canalla. During the concert, they were promoting the CD “Ni pa q te cuento,” which has been on sale for one year. 

Calavera y la Canalla’s music is dedicated to life itself: “The music is like a celebration of life; it’s like giving thanks to life; it’s like playing also. The only language in which you “tocar” (touch) music is Spanish; in other languages like French, “jouer de la musique,” and English it is to play the music. Therefore music is like a game, it’s to play, it is to entertain, to sing what one wants to; it is a song to life,” said Lucho. 

As they bid farewell, they left a message of peace: “Always do what your heart tells you; never let yourself be guided by what television tells you. Love yourself a lot! Let it flow, try not to pay attention to the mass media that confuse us and tell us lies, not like the media like these that are local. Try to make your own criteria. This is like the message that I try to give in my music also.”  


More Entertainment News

There is No Art Without Complicity

During these days of January VON was pleasantly surprised to discover that Víctor Rodríguez, a well renowned Mexican painter who is considered a contemporary leader of a new generation of internationally recognized artists, was spotted vacationing with his girlfriend in Nosara, staying at L’acqua Viva Resort, where three of his works are on display.

Samara Fiestas Liven Up Year’s End

Following Costa Rican tradition, this year’s town fiesta in Samara was rich in culture and bull riding. For the second year in a row, the fiestas were held in downtown Samara, although this year the majority of events were held on the same property around the bull-riding ring, rather than having some attractions in the plaza, and a large number of people turned out to enjoy the activities. 

Jorge Guevara Mora, the Teacher Who Filled Nicoya With Music

To start the year on the right foot, VON chose this man as figure of the month; a person who has put together a battalion of musicians in Nicoya, the teacher and conductor, Jorge Guevara Mora.

Astrology VON January 2012

As the year begins, we are shifting how we see our world, and how we wish to be seen in it. Love all the facets that make up your uniqueness, and spend time with others who appreciate your strengths. Get a jump start on shifting any bad habits, and send a moment reflecting on your true feelings during the full moon on the 9th.

Nosara's Hot Summer Fiestas

To start off 2012, Nosara's popular Fiestas will begin with the "puerta!" shout, inviting all to come as a family and enjoy another year of the already traditional partying. Coinciding with summertime and vacations, the traditional Fiestas will be held from January 26th to the 30th. 


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