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Caricaco Music Fest Canceled for 2013

By Arianna McKinney

Photo by Adam Dietrich

For the past four years, the increasingly popular Caricaco music festival normally held in March has put Nosara on the music scene map, but this year the organizers have decided to take a break from holding the event. 

Steve Jacobus, organizer and owner of Tierra Magnifica, where Caricaco has been hosted in the past, explained the decision from a safety standpoint: “It’s simple.  Our goal when we started it five years ago was to bring music to Nosara, to put Nosara on the map as a music destination, and we’ve done that.  Last year over 750 people attended.  So the reason we’re not doing it this year is I don’t feel that we could protect everybody.”

Although Tierra Magnifica is structurally sound after the September 5th earthquake, Jacobus said he anticipates that 1000 or more people would attend this year, and he doesn’t feel the location could handle that large of a crowd, noting that someone could fall from the property’s steep drop-off. 
Since 60% of tickets are sold the day of the concert and many people in the past have come to town planning on going to the festival, Jacobus affirmed that it would be difficult to limit the number of tickets and thus limit the crowd.

“I really wrestled with the idea because I didn’t want to give it up.  It’s really been fun to do and we really wanted to do it again, but I got this sick feeling in my stomach that we could have a problem this year,” Jacobus explained.  “We’re taking one year off so that we can do it properly for the next year.”
He said they plan to look for a larger venue in the Nosara area where the music festival could be held in 2014, and hopes to take the music fest to the next level then, making it a multi-day event. In the meantime, he said music events will continue to be held at Tierra Magnifica, but at the community level with smaller crowds of about 200 people.     



More entertaintment news

Delicious Desserts Tempt Taste Buds at Café D’Melon

Valentine day is over but you still crave for sweets. If you live or visit Nicoya you might already know that it’s a little harder to find unique sweets, but VON found out that Café D’Melon offers a few tantalizing cakes.  Yes, those cakes that will make your mouth water.

Arepa’s Ceviche

Nosara's gas station is a happening place, in part because of Jose Lopez.  Jose, better known as Arepa, has been singing and slinging ceviche here since the gas station opened two years ago.

Von Astro From February 15 to February to February 22
Return to Source

Use this important delay in outward manifestation to test the structure of your creations.

Confront your deepest feelings around self-worth and worthiness. Do you believe you deserve to have what you desire? Do you believe that, in order to have what you desire, you must sacrifice some other aspect of your life?

Nicoya Will Celebrate February 14th with Dance and Concerts

On February 14th, Nicoyans will have the option of giving stuffed animals, chocolates, roses, cards and other gifts in the park in the city of Nicoya since the municipality has organized a series of activities during the day and the evening.

El Cafecito’s Amor Amor Combines Love of Chocolate and Coffee

El Cafecito, located on the second story of the MiniPlaza across from Banco Nacional in Samara, serves up the most decadent coffee treat, appropriately named Amor Amor (Love Love) for 2750 colones.

VoN Astro from February 4 to February 8
Forward Movement and Fresh Option

As February begins the energy is shifting. Unseen variables and options appear.

We are being offered a doorway to new life, new experiences, new thoughts and new ideas so old and outdated concepts must be released. Explore where you perceive lack in your life….

New Creperie Adds a New Flavor to Samara Beach

Take a pleasant walk along Samara Beach to find La Creperie Chez Mimi, which opened in December.  Owner Mireille Darras, who was born in Paris, offers both sweet and savory crepes. 

Italian Gelato at Seekret Spot Tops the List

The secret’s out! Based on a reader survey conducted via The Voice of Nosara Facebook, the favorite sweet treat in the area is gelato at Seekret Spot in Playa Pelada, 100 meters south of Panchos.

VoN Astro From February 9 to February 14
Full Moon and a Bit of the Crazies

The New moon in Aquarius on the 9th brings clarity of vision that is potentially life changing.

Do your best to navigate the crazy energies that abound at this time. Steer clear of quick fixes; we are still wading through the muck.

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