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Surfing at 60+
You are Never to Old to be Fit

By Adam Dietrich

Linda Wiegers aka Lulu is young at heart, body and mind. At 64 she has a better-toned figure and muscles than most people in their mid-20s. By 6:15 am she is out surfing, for most it is early, for her it is another day.

Every morning, Lulu rides her bicycle, customized to carry her surfboard, to the beach. Originally from Hawaii and California, she first came to Nosara about five years ago and since then she has split her time between Nosara and Hawaii although she is seeking permanent residency in Costa Rica. "I need the sun," she says with a smile, "I mean its 80 degrees out and I'm putting on a wet suit."

Lulu's first visit to Nosara was after losing her job in Hawaii. A lifelong waitress and surfer, she moved after the restaurant she worked at went out of business. She was given six months of unemployment insurance and decided to use some of that money and time to come to Costa Rica, where she had friends. It was those friends who told her, "Everyone is going to Nosara now."

After that visit, she fell in love with the place. "I love Costa Rica, the local people are awesome and super nice," she said. Lulu, a perennial surfer, turns back to the waves. "They have such a nice beach and they're so generous to share those waves with us."

Lulu stretches in the early morning light before her surf. Since arriving in
Nosara she has started doing yoga for surfers which she says helps loosen
her up for surfing.
Linda Wiegers, better known as Lulu, poses for a picture at Playa Guiones,
her favourite surf spot in Nosara.

One of her goals is to work less and surf more. She has been able to achieve this by renting out her home in Hawaii while she is in Nosara. The profits from renting that home pay for her life and house here. Once she gets permanent residency, there will be no need to go back.

During her years here she has developed a relationship with the Surf Simply School, who describes her as "Awesome." She says the Surf Simply School was one of the first places to help make her feel welcome in Nosara.

A beacon of health and well-being, she said, "when you're young you don't worry about your body, (but) as things start to get old and ache you do." She eats well, does yoga, bikes everywhere and surfs almost daily.

Before going for her morning surf Lulu stretches out and talks about a friend who lives a similar life style, "There aren't many people our age that do what we do." This is what she claims to be the secret, she acts young, spends time around young people and as a result, has been able to stay young.


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The second round of the Triple Crown Surf contest got off to a delayed start, in Playa Garza on March 18. Originally scheduled for the day before, the contest had to be postponed because of small wave breaks.

Successful First Round for Triple Crown

The first round of the Triple Crown surf contest took place on March 10, with record setting results for participation. While the points are still be tallied to determine exactly how many people will progress to the second round in Garza there are four people with confirmed spots.

New Surf Competition Hits Nosara

There is a new competition in Nosara that is set to test the skills of local surfers. Organized by the Nosara Tico Surf School, the tournament will be an opportunity to raise money for the regional men’s surf team and their efforts in the national circuit.

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