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Record High $8,000 Raised for Kitson Library at Dinner Theatre Fundraiser

By Mary Smathers

Photos by Rolf Sommer Vista Royal
Don Savage and Terry Blumes shield Denisse Lashley, who is barely clothed under the mink coat, from the office secretary in The Nosara Players production of Not Now Darling. 

A record 150 people attended the 14th annual fundraising evening for the Biblioteca David Kitson, raising a total of $8,000 for the community library of Nosara. “That is our highest amount ever,” said Beverly Kitson, Library Director, who was instrumental in founding the library in 1996.  The annual event raises about one third of the library ‘s total annual operating budget.

Four years ago, the fundraising event committee added a play to the reception and dinner to entertain the donors.  The Nosara Players, a local group of theatre fans, formed to prepare shows for the event.  For the first time, the dinner and play were held on two nights and were able to bring a significantly higher number to the audience.  116 attended the single dinner and show last year.

Denisse Lashley pretends to be Don Savage's girlfriend so that Carolyn Prowse Fainmel won't discover she is actually the mistress of Terry Blumes, who plays her husband, in the Nosara Players production of Not Now Darling.

“Not Now, Darling”, a British farce set in the 1960’s, was the show this year.  11 locals performed in the comedy, after practicing together for the past 2 ½ months, at least two hours a day.  Directed by Carolyn Prowse Fainmel, the show starred Don Savage and Terry Blumes as proprieters of a London fur salon.  The action centers around a mink coat which several men want to give to their wives or mistresses.  This leads to a comedy of errors, mistaken identities and misplaced clothes.  Savage and Blumes each had over 650 lines in the play.  Savage has been in every one of the previous Nosara Players shows but many of the actors were new to acting altogether. 

Evangelina Quesada, Denisse Lashley, Steve Reyer, Raechelle Sexton and Fainmel played the other major roles.  Quesada, a local architect originally from San Carlos in the mountains near San Jose, took on a major role despite never having been in a play before.  “I met marvelous people, improved my English and laughed a lot,” she said about the experience.  Quesada, playing the serious secretary trying to cover for her boss’ antics, stole the show with her hilarious facial expressions and excellent timing.  Quesada said there are many great causes in Nosara to support but she decided to put her time in this project to support the Biblioteca Kitson, “because the library does a great job and education is so important.”

Mark Fainmel constructed a professional set that “looked like something in New York,” said Kitson.  Participating in smaller roles were Kim Shook, Donald Spears, Daniel Brett and Lisseth Ricardson.

“It was hilarious when the one girl in the closet came out wearing dish towels like a bikini”, said Patsy Northcutt, a visitor from California.  “It was great. So very funny,” said Christina Trafton of Ostional, about the performance.  Kitson, and her friend Bobbie Cook from New York, watched the show several times as Kitson oversaw the dinner event and attended a dress rehearsal.  “There are lines and scenes we are still laughing and talking about,” she said.  The play was performed on February 27 and 28 at Del Mar Academy in their open air theatre. 

Raechelle Sexton, secretary to Steve Reyer's character, wants the mink coat that Terry Blumes' character has promised to another woman in The Nosara Players production of Not Now Darling.

Since its inception, the Kitson Library has served thousands in the Nosara community with English instruction, computer classes, literacy support, after school and evening homework help, senior services and book clubs.  The library maintains a collection of over 14,000 books and a computer center with 10 internet connected and networked computers.   During 2012, the library had 13,284 individual visits from community members and visitors to Nosara.
Each year at least 50 local Nosara residents graduate from the intensive English instruction course the library provides.  2012 was a record year with 88 Ticos earning a certificate of completion.  

Marlin Bill’s, Super Nosara,  Super La Paloma, Lagarta Lodge and Costa Rican Craft Brew donated food and items for the fundraising event.  Donations to support the continuing work of Biblioteca David Kitson can be made through the library at 2682-0211 or through the Friends of Nosara, a US 501c3, at www.friendsofnosara.org

Beverley Kitson holds the raffle drawing during intermission of the performance of Not Now Darling at the library fundraiser.

The entire cast and crew of Not Now Darling pose after the closing night show the Nosara Players performed at the Kitson Library fundraising dinner.


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