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Honoring our Origins through Art
By Ashley Steyaert


SÁMARA – On Saturday, March 13th a new art gallery opened its doors in downtown Samara. The Voice of Nosara had an exclusive interview with its owner, María Fernanda Gálvez.

VON: Why did you name the gallery “Origen” (Origin)?
María Fernanda: “Origen” is an evocative name that refers to what’s authentic and original, as well as those things that define us, that make us who we are and that make us feel well.

VON: What was your purpose for establishing it?
MF: It is the answer to a personal quest. I wanted to find a project to which I could devote my passion, creativity and energy; in addition, I wanted to create a space in which other people with similar interests could participate and to create a “cultural door” in which I could hold activities such as book clubs, lectures on diverse topics and, at some point, alternative movies, painting lessons, exhibitions, classes and workshops, always related to art. I believe human beings have a need for options that give us the opportunity to see something that makes us think about a different reality, one without violence or other paths to self-destruction, and I believe that aesthetics are a great option in which to see and recognize ourselves.

VON: What type of art is being showcased?
MF: We sell paintings in a variety of styles and techniques; originals as well as reproductions, there are also mosaics, lamps and decorations made out of natural materials, as well as sculptures and wood carvings. Our goal is to have more types of artistic expressions.

VON: Any thoughts you would like to share with VON readers?
MF: Although we opened our doors just a short time ago, the public’s response has been wonderful and people like having a different option in Samara. I would like to invite everyone to come visit us, and artists in the area, a special invitation to join us in this adventure.

  The telephone number for the Galería Origen is 2656-2296 and its working hours are from
Monday through Saturday,from 1:30 to 6:30 pm.



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