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Samara and Carillo safer with Lifeguard Training
By Arianna McKinney

Fourteen people from Samara and Carillo received lifeguard training during the week of March 14, making the beaches a little safer for swimmers and surfers.

"We've been talking about this for quite some time and finally got it organized," said Charlie Foerster, owner a Surf School. Having these 14 trained is an advantage since they are people who are always on the beach. Foerster said they're discussing how to organize the group to be more visible on the beach.

Alex "Choco" Gomez, said that before the training, none of the locals were trained to help someone drowning. Adolfo Gomez, was influential in organizing the training, feeling it would be important to help save lives in case an emergency occurs.

Instructor Marvin Antonio Perez Perez, in charge of lifeguards for the municipality of Jaco, said the training provides certification for rescue in open waters from the Costa Rican Association of Lifeguards. "In this beach they're lucky to have them. They're very good and desirous of learning," he said of the fourteen trainees, all of whom passed the course.




More Surf News

Ostional Surf Tournament
Waves Ridden to Escape the Rain

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, surfers from local beaches such as Samara, Nosara and Guiones flooded in to Ostional to ride the waves at the first surf tournament of Ostional. It was organized by the community to support the Ostional Evangelical Church of God in fixing the roof before the rain season starts. They received a significant support from the local Nosaran surf businesses. More >

Playa Guiones hosts the Copa Quiksilver Surf Contest
The third stop on the Circuito Nacional de Surf brings talented surfers and many spectators

The third stop on the National Surf Circuit (Circuito Nacional de Surf de Costa Rica) brought the best surfing talent from all over the country right here to Playa Guiones this past weekend for the Copa Quiksilver Surf Contest. This is a highly anticipated event for all local Nosara surfers, business owners and fans of the sport. More >

Local Surf Team Representing Nosara all across Costa Rica

For years, Nosara's surf talent was never really recognized because not many kids from here competed on the national circuit. However, that is changing thanks to Esteban Lopez and Luigui Montiel, and some very dedicated local parents, like the Moberlys. It is because of their hard work, funding and countless hours of driving that we now have an established Nosara Surf Team. More >

Don Redondo Part 14 More >

April Surf Forecast

Typically, April's surf averages out in the chest to head high range. There will be just a few days of smaller surf, and at the other end of the spectrum, a handful of overhead to double overhead days. We could also see a few days with the winds switching onshore earlier than normal, and maybe even a little bit of choppy surf if it decides to rain. If that occurs it will most likely be towards the end of the month. Otherwise, we can continue to expect bigger swells coming from a little more southerly direction giving us some epic Guiones days, as well as good surf for the rest of the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

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