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The Healing Power of Sound: Removing Energy Blocks

By Mary Serphos, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Photographed by Pinar Istek

It was difficult not to be deeply moved by the spiritual and harmonious sounds emanating from Deva Premal, Miten and Manose on Thursday March 29. The world renowned trio shared their music and voices with the community in the incredibly spacious and expansive yoga studio on the top floor of Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Nosara.

More that a traditional concert, Premal and MIten invite the audience to participate by chanting and singing along with them.  The effect of collective chanting is an experience that is at once celebratory and meditative, uplifting and healing. As Deva claims, “it's not a matter of entertaining people, but teaching that anyone with a voice can sing, and everyone with breath in their body can experience their divinity.”

Deva Premal is of German descent, a beautiful woman with accentuated features, especially her deep set blue eyes that express warmth, clarity and an open spirit. Miten, the entertainer of the trio, who takes pride in teaching the meaning of the chants is a former British rock/pop star. Miten first met Deva in India 20 years ago when Deva was 20 years old, studying massage. Premal offered Miten a bodywork treatment at the ashram where they were living at the time.  At this point, he was the performer who helped introduce Premal into the performance realm. And the rest is history.  She humbly shares this about her career choice: "it's not something I expected to be doing, but this is what makes me happiest.”

And for fans of the trio, many who are die hards, this makes them happy too. Deva has a supreme voice. It’s like nectar- sweet and fluid at the same time. Along with vocals, Deva plays the keyboard with both immense grace and spirit.

Miten, Deva Premal and Manose before the concert that they gave last year
at Blue Spirit in Nosara.
Flutes and cymbal that Manose played during the concert that was given at Blue
Spirit in Nosara.
Nepalese bansuri flautist Manose started playing flute with Madan Dev Bhatta,
a disciple of Ustad Bishmillah Khan.

Miten, as well, is a vocalist and keyboardist and plays guitar. His vocal syle, although different from Deva, is clean and clear. And then there is Manose, not to be forgotten, a highly talented Nepalese bamboo flute player who captures the audience with his strikingly powerful notes.

Premal and Miten have been described as masters at chanting. Like Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and Jai Uttal, all who have been at Blue Spirit, these “masters” tour relentlessly, chanting mantras in Sanskrit with groups all over the world.

It may seem like an unlikely way to spend an evening, gathering with a group to chant and sing mantra’s repeated over and over, but the experience is beautifully nourishing. This typically Eastern tradition, which has been steadily gaining popularity in the West, stems from the traditional religious custom of chanting sacred sounds or names. For many, chanting helps calms the mind and regulate the breath. The effect is comparable to the effects of a silent, sitting meditation but with the added vibrational quality that penetrates deep into the soul.  No longer is chanting in this manner just a new age spiritual ritual that feels good, rather for many, it’s akin to “medicine for the mind.”

Science has now shown that chanting helps release “habitual or agitated thinking patterns.” And indeed, spending a few hours singing mantras repeatedly truly did cease my “mind chatter” and uplifted my spirit. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the master, Premal, who claims, “Chanting removes energy blocks. On a metaphysical level, when you sing, your heart opens. That’s why all religions and traditions have made so much of singing in their rituals. When the heart opens you feel good. It’s that simple.”


More Entertainment News

Wave of Classical Music Flooded Nosara

Organizers called it, ‘the concert,’ because Nosara had never seen a performance like it before. On April 28 the 25th of July Symphony performed in Nosara at the Catholic Church to a packed audience. The music spilled off the alter, over the crowd, and out onto Nosara’s streets.

Fiestas Garza

A crowd of several hundred people gathered in Garza Saturday April 21, for the second day of the towns first fiesta.

La Banana Bar Shuts Its Doors

This Saturday April 21, La Banana Bar will be closing and will mark the end of a dance era for Nosara. Paul DaCosta, ‘DJ Paul,’ who is a regular feature at the club and has lived below it for the last few years, will be providing the music for the final night.

Pato Banton Lit Up the “Tropi”!

At the height of Easter Weekend with Nosara more packed than ever with national tourists, the evening of Saturday, April 7th, the local discoteque, the Tropicana, surprised everyone with the presence of international reggae artist and performer Pato Banton

Yoga Spa hosts musical experience

An audio-visual journey took place at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa at their outdoor studio perched on the side of a mountain overlooking Nosara, on April 4. The experience featured guitarists, Bill McPherson, Chris Scott and Edger Sequeira as well as visuals by Ray Moss.

Symphonic Sounds in Nosara

Music will be reverberating through the streets of Nosara next month when the Nicoya symphony comes to town. A free performance has been organized by the community service committee of Del Mar Academy to bring cultural events to Nosara.

Karla Duarte Wins VON’s First Writing Contest

During the month of February, VON accepted entries to our first writing contest with famous writer Clive Matson as judge. We are pleased to present the winning poem by Karla Duarte of Nicoya.

Famous Bull “Malacrianza” Will Perform for Garza’s Fiestas

At the height of summer, fiestas will begin in Garza beach beginning Friday, the 20th, until Monday, the 23rd of April. And this time there will be a pageant! On Saturday, the April 7th, the presentation of candidates will take place in Barco del amor (the love boat) in Garza at 7 p.m., during which music and food can be enjoyed. 

Samara to Host Reggae Star Richie Spice

Jamaican reggae star, Richie Spice will be bringing his brand of uplifting reggae to Tabanuco Bar in Samara on May 6. He will be touring through Costa Rica as part of a larger tour in support of his seventh album, ‘Book of Job.’


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