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Samara Proudly Raises Their Blue Flag


Thanks to the hard work of a lot of individuals and community groups, Samara Beach again flies the blue flag. In a ceremony Saturday morning, CASATUR president, Marco Carmona, raised the blue flag that will fly at the principal entrance to Samara Beach.  Blue flags are awarded to beaches throughout the world that demonstrate cleanliness and environmental protection.
In Cost Rica, the ICT (Instituto Costaricense de Turismo) certification program also signifies security and environmental education. During the ceremony, Samara Pacific School, a bilingual private elementary, brought us a performance of music and poetry in Spanish and English. They also presented a gift of a tree made of recycled plastic water bottles.

Why did Samara lose the blue flag for several years? Does it mean that Samara Beach wasn’t clean until now?  No. The ICT program for certification requires constant vigilance and a lot of work to demonstrate compliance, efforts that were incomplete until the community came together behind CASATUR. Applications were filed, educational programs were instituted in the local schools, and many phone calls were made to the authorities at ICT.

But there have been improvements.  The community has been vigilant and hard working to clean the beach and the town. CASATUR has been instrumental in assuring that the garbage trucks are sent regularly by municipality. They are working closely with the mayor’s office to maintain a recycling program. Many local businesses contribute to a fund that pays for personnel to pick up trash and detritus that floats in to the beach from passing ships. Volunteers periodically clean the beach and river beds. The security committee has worked consistently with the police forces to assure safety for our residents and visitors.

The blue flag will fly in front of the police station, along with the flags of Costa Rica and Guanacaste. A big thank-you for all the efforts that made this possible.



More Nature News

Earth Day in Nosara: New Face for the Dump

Nosara celebrated a great Earth Day with the participation of nearly a hundred people who managed to give a new face to the area around the dump.

Photos: Nosara’s Cutest Adoptable Pets

For anyone who has taken a trip to Nosara Animal Care or met with it’s dedicated operator Sarah Foster, it’s hard not to have your heart swell when you see the animals. Many of whom came there from homes where they were neglected, in the saddest cases, abused.

Rincon de la Vieja Awakens

It has been almost 14 years since the last eruptive period for Rincón de la Vieja in Costa Rica, but it looks like the volcano might be awakening from its break.

Stunning Sunsets Photos of Dry Season

While in Nosara may be dusty and hot, dry season's cloudless skies allow for a beautiful light show over the Pacific Ocean everyday day around 5pm. The setting sun produces amazing colors, like red, pink and orange while turning the clear sea dark blue.

Hundreds of Lifeless Fish Appear in the Mouth of Nosara River

The increased appearance of dead fish in the last few days reached the boca (mouth) of Nosara River, where Olivier Von Der Weid’s camera captured hundreds of fish that turned up lifeless the morning of Sunday, April 8th at the edge of the river. 

Corral de Piedra Residents and Cement Company in Dispute over Wetland
Cement company ensures wetland protection
Area residents oppose project that could pose a threat to the environment

Nicoya – The purchase of a property known as Hacienda Chorotega by the cement company, Holcim, has caused great concern among Corral de Piedra residents in Nicoya. This is because a large part of the wetland and mountain of the same name are located within this property.

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