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Nosara Neighbors Send Letters about Robberies to Vice Minister of Security

By Arianna McKinney

Members of the Nosara community were disappointed by remarks apparently made by Vice Minister of Security Celso Gamboa Sanchez in response to a news program aired on Channel 7 on March 4 about thefts in Nosara, sparking a letter writing campaign to inform him of the real situation.

“He told one of the reporters from channel 7 that it wasn’t true that there are so many thefts,” related Andres Gonzalez Anglada of the Nosara Security Association.

On Twitter on March 6, CelsoGamboaCR posted a Ministry of Public Security report showing a total of 70 incidents in Nosara in 2011 and a decrease to 61 in 2012. The report specified 26 home robberies in 2011 and 25 in 2012.
The TV broadcast took place after a thief caught in the act by neighbors on February 19, in a house in Playa Pelada, was released by a judge less than 24 hours laterunder orders to stay out of Nosara and to report to the court every 15 days while awaiting trial. The theft was also caught on video, showing three masked men with tools breaking into the house.

Luis Eduardo Jimenez, Judicial Police chief for the Nicoya area, said that before this thief was apprehended, they were receiving reports of 1 or 2 robberies per week, but after the man was apprehended the incidents of thefts have decreased.  Jimenez also assured that OIJ has identified most of the members of this particular group of thieves, who are from Cañas, and said that the first time a suspect under preventive measures does not report to the court, a capture order is issued and once captured, the person is held in preventive prison.

About 35 letters were sent by both ticos and foreigners who live in or visit Nosara recounted tales of multiple break-ins, homeowners affirming that every house on their street has been broken into, relating feelings of insecurity, decisions of tourists to leave early and in some cases homeowners deciding to sell and never return to the area or even the country.

For example, one person wrote: “I heard your comments about there being very little robberies here in Nosara. Sir that is not true.There are many robberies in Nosara.

I myself have been robbed twice at the house I live in and I own 2 other houses and both of them have been robbed.” (William Ken Richardson).

Another related, “My last visit to Guiones was in February for 10 days. The welcome greeting was that two days before, the house next door had been robbed. When I try to sleep I wake up and get up several times at night and look out the window. I feel insecure; I feel insecure even to go drink a glass of water in the kitchen.”  (Cristina Monge)

In addition, the letters explained that many of these crimes go unreported either because the tourist is leaving, because of language barriers, because the person doesn’t have time to go to Nicoya to file a report or simply doesn’t feel there will be results from filing a report. Several asserted that the community is organized and ready to fight against the rise in crime, and in light of this community effort expressed disappointment at having the problem minimized by the government.

In spite of the campaign, Andres Gonzalez of the Nosara Security Association said they had not yet received any response from the vice minister. If you would like to participate in the campaign, send a letter to [email protected] and copy [email protected]. If you need the letter translated into Spanish, send it to [email protected] first. 


More community news

Dredging of Nosara River Worries Santa Teresa Residents

While work on the Nosara River started on April 24 with a corresponding budget of 300 million colones ($600,000) for the first stage, under the supervision of the construction company HHB Consa, the dredging ran into two obstacles: first with the arrival of rainy season, which could affect and even detain the work, and second an area resident is doing his own dredging along part of the river’s edge, with the risk of affecting the community of Santa Teresa. 

Medical Transport Helicopter Denied Landing in San Jose

So far this year, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez said he has transported about 10 patients to hospitals by air when an ambulance just might not be fast enough. But on April 12, the helicopter that was coming to pick up a patient with an irregular heart problem was denied landing to fuel up at Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose.

Nosara Red Cross Ranks 4th Nationally

The Nosara Red Cross announced that their auxiliary committee received recognition on March 9, placing third in Guanacaste and fourth nationally in the 2012 Annual Operative Program (PAO), out of a total of 120 Red Cross committees. Hojancha ranked first, Santa Cruz second and Moravia third.

CREAR Library in Samara Will Try to Have a National Registration

With all the space Crear Association have onsite in their library they have re-introduced the public library to the community. With a bright new sign and the doors wide open, they have drawn in dozens of new visitors, including international students at Intercultura as well as the local students at Mareas Homeschool.

Nosara’s Library Extends Hours in April

These past three months of this year have been a time of collecting the monies necessary for the budget of the library for 2013. 

Doctor Working with Red Cross Provides Better First Aid in Nosara

The Nosara Red Cross now counts on the assistance of Dr. Yennifer Jimenez, who came to live in Nosara in November and is volunteering a minimum of 20 hours per month to attend to accidents and emergency situations prior to hospitalization. 

Rebuilding Lives Has Started Since the Earthquake

With government help and donations from the community, Jeniffer Ramirez and her husband, Freddy Brenes Chaves started to rebuild their home this past Wednesday April 10.

Clown Kidnapper Spotted in Santa Marta

Twelve-year-old Jonathan was on his way home from school, walking with another boy, when a black minivan with tinted windows started following them and caught up with them, driving slowly to keep pace with the boys.

“I’m not moved by skeptics”, Alvin Rosenbaum New NCA President

Alvin Rosenbaum, who officially assumed the role of president of the Nosara Civic Association (NCA) on April 1, has built a career around defending civil rights and finding practical solutions to problems around the world as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank.

Challenges Mount for Putting Samara Maritime Zone in Order

With slow progress being made on the new Samara-Carrillo regulatory plan, the situation for those who live, own property or hold concessions in the Maritime Land Zone (ZMT-Zona Marítimo Terrestre) is still unsure.

Lifeguard Workshop Being Organized In Memory of Lost Surfer Alvaro Duran Ribas

“I could either die from the pain or transform my love for him and honor his life and do something to avoid similar situations for other mothers,” said Sandra Ribas, the mother of Alvaro Duran Ribas, who disappeared in the waters of Guiones in April 2011.

Nosara Neighbors Send Letters about Robberies to Vice Minister of Security

Members of the Nosara community were disappointed by remarks apparently made by Vice Minister of Security Celso Gamboa Sanchez in response to a news program aired on Channel 7 on March 4 about thefts in Nosara, sparking a letter writing campaign to inform him of the real situation.

Domestic Violence in Nosara Case Turns into Drug Bust

When the Nosara Public Force responded to a 911 call regarding a case of domestic violence, they found much more, including drugs, firearms and half a million colones ($1000) in cash.

ADIN Named New Members and Approved Lot Donation for a Senior Citizen Center

On March 9 at 4 p.m. an extraordinary assembly was held by the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) to replace some members of the board of directors. The meeting was attended by 74 neighbors, which was a good attendance in the opinion of the organizers.

Care Network Almost Ready

The Canton of Nicoya will soon be able to count on the second Care Network in the province of Guanacaste thanks to the construction of a 800-square-meter building, now about 90% complete. 

Nosara’s Firefighters Put Down 24 Fires This Dry Season

Although some people were not pleased to find the road to Ostional blocked this Saturday March 30, they had no other choice than to wait until the members of the Nosara firefighters finished their Easter weekend practicing medical, vertical rescue and firefighting training at the Rio Montaña Bridge.

Camera Took a Tour Through The Passion of Christ Parade And Easter Service By Nosara River

As the Guanacaste wind was filling the eyes of the attendants with dust on the morning of Holy Friday, tens of members of Nosara Catholic Church started walking the streets of the town slowly in celebration of resurrection of Christ.


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