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Mountain Bike Competition Draws more than 1000 Athletes to Carrillo

By Arianna McKinney

Adrian Bonilla and Enrique Artavia were the first team to approach the finish line Saturday morning. 

Last time, the water swirled above his waist as cyclist Adrian Bonilla from Cartago crossed Rio Oro between El Carmen and Estrada with the help of a rope during the annual bicycle competition of La Soledad. This year, the shallow river was no problem. Bonilla and Enrique Artavia were the first team to cross the finish line in Carrillo at around 10:20 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, winning the Elite category.

In previous years, the race took place in October, in the height of rainy season when the river was swollen. However, for 2011 the competition was held May 13-15, with three more categories and much higher participation. Event coordinator and proprietor Luis Cubero Vasquez said 1050 competed this year, up from 760 last year. The change in weather also allowed cyclists to finish the mountain bike race about ½ hour faster this year. 
The main event on Saturday was a 58-kilometer mountain bike race from Carrillo completing a circuit through towns like Estrada, Camaronal, Punta Islita and Pueblo Nuevo, including the steep and curvy road of La Soledad. Cyclists competed in teams of two in the following categories: Elite (for professionals), Open (for teams whose combined ages are no more than 60), 60 and more (combined ages of the two cyclists equals 60 or more), 80, 90 and more.

Other activities included a concert and food sales to support construction of the Catholic church in Carrillo, bicycle runs for children, and on Sunday a route race along a 22-kilometer circuit between Carrillo, Samara and Estrada, with participants completing the circuit four times, or five times in the case of elite cyclists.    
Cubero Vasquez said next year’s competition will also be held in the summer, perhaps April or May. 


Teammates Federico Ramirez and Moises Hernandez were covered in dust and grime after placing second in Elite category.

Crossing Rio Oro this year was no problem for cyclists since the event was held before rainy season.

Randall Aguilar Quesada, from Cartago, fell mid-race when a kid threw a branch, hitting the frame of the bike. Bleeding and bruised, Aguiler immediately picked his bike up and continued racing, managing to finish second in the 60 category.
“[This year’s race was] better, with more people, and faster.” Juan Pablo Sanchez Rodriguez (with his son Slathan) of Samara. He and his teammate Douglas Offer Gutierrez, team Playa Samara, finished first in the Open Federated category and fifth overall.

“It’s important. It gives us the opportunity for the church, of which we’re in preconstruction. It gives us the opportunity to sell food for it. The participation of the community is very good.” Maureen Aguilar of Carrillo
“I think it’ a great thing, anything that builds a sense of community, anything that brings people together. In this environment where life is kind of easy, it’s good that people get out and compete once in a while.” James Winks, from California, lives in El Carmen

Some cyclists decided to cool off in the river before continuing on to the finish line in Carrillo



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“Nosara is the Mecca for Tennis” Instructor Daniel Mainzer

Tennis is “a sport of a lifetime” said Daniel Mainzer, a tennis instructor from Long Beach, California. These days, in addition to all the other junior and adult students he has, 44-year-old Mainzer teaches tennis to 3.5-year-old Kendra Alfaro Segura three days a week. Because Kendra is too young to handle an hour-long class, each one of her classes is 30 minutes.



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