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Delay in Santo Domingo Roadwork Frustrates Neighbors

By Arianna McKinney

Although the steep and rocky road from Matapalo of Samara up to Santo Domingo was finally leveled and compacted in late April, more is needed, and neighbors are wondering when promised funds will actually get spent on the road by the municipal government.

This work was done with a municipal budget of 2,700,000 from last year.  Another 1,950,000 was budgeted this year for maintenance of the road in conjunction with MOPT, which might be executed in November or December, according to Veronica Castro Bertodano, from the municipality’s Unidad Tecnica de Gestion Vial (technical unit of roadway management). 

Aside from that basic work, the municipality has budgeted 15 million colones ($30,000) for drainage along the road and another 6 million ($12,000) to widen the road. Castro explained that the drainage project, if no complication arises, might get started in June. On the other hand, no timeframe could be given yet for widening the road. Castro assured that if the work isn’t contracted out in 2012, then the funds for the project will be included among commitments for 2013. 


The rocky surface of this steep hill on the way up to Santo Domingo has now been smoothed out, but more work is needed.


Ana Cordero, president of the Santo Domingo Development Association, said the project to improve the road was approved last April 2011. She was informed that while work on the drainage could be done during the rainy season, widening the road will likely have to wait until dry season; on the other hand, she was told it might be better to wait until summer in order to widen the road first and then put in drainage.

About 2 million ($4000) in municipal funds were finally spent on leveling the road in April of this year, one year after the project was approved. In addition to these funds, Cordero specified that the Development Association provided 587,000 colones ($1174) and Panamerican Woods donated a million colones ($2000) to buy gravel to repair parts of the road.

Several neighbors are frustrated by the delays in the promised work as they face another winter traveling up and down the treacherous hills. “When winter comes, the work can’t be done. The municipality works very slow,” expressed Gladys Lopez, vocal for Santo Domingo’s ASADA.

While the beginning portion of the road up to Santo Domingo is paved, some of the neighbors are also interested in collaborating to pave more of the dangerous hills once the road is widened. “There are two hills in particular that threaten to destroy the most hardy of vehicles with their dangerous surface,” explained neighbor Carol Shepherd. 



More Community News

Nosara Security Association to Make Changes

The Nosara Security Association (NSA) met on Thursday May 24 to elect a new board and make plans for the future. However, low attendance meant the NSA had to put plans for a new board on hold while they scramble to find proxy voters. 

Low Season, Slow Season

Clean, precise, clear blue waves give rise to storm tossed seas. A handful of surfers take on the messy whitewater, fiercely duckdiving under the swell. When the moon is full, the tide tumbles up and generously pours over the edge of the beach onto the land. It’s clearly low season, better known as green season, here along the central Guanacaste coast.

Nosara’s First Mini-Golf Competition Created by a Ten Year Old Boy

Sunday May 14, over 50 Nosareños witnessed the town’s first ever mini-golf tournament, thanks to the effort of one very talented ten-year old. And like many ten-year olds, he doesn’t mince words.

Serapio López School Shines Like New

On Saturday, May 5th, students, teachers, parents, members of the community and volunteers from the United States gave a new look to Serapio Lopez Fajardo School in Nosara. 

Bidding Underway for Work On Nosara River

On Wednesday, April 18th, representatives of 16 companies inspected sites along the Nosara River deemed most critical in their preparation of bids for flood prevention work proposed for these areas. The inspections raised hopes that this time some work might actually get done to lessen the problems caused by the river with the annual rains.

CREAR Begins Reading Time in Samara's Library

CREAR has created a new program to draw more people to Samara's public library: Reading Time. Reading Time for children ages 2 to 8 is being offered Monday through Thursday at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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