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Bagelmen’s is the First Fast Food Chain to Arrive to Nosara

By Adam Dietrich

Bagels, although a staple in the United States and Canada, are rare things in Nosara, despite the community of foreigners. With the opening of Bagelmen’s in Guiones sometime in early June, that will change.

Aside from being the first place to offer New York style bagels ready to eat, Bagelmen’s will also be the first fast-food chain in Nosara.

Nuria Benet and her husband Rogeli, originally from Barcelona, are the driving force behind the new restaurant. The pair already owns a clothing store in town, but the restaurant will be a new challenge.


Having a Bagelmen’s in Nosara was a local choice, not a corporate one. “We contacted them [Bagelmen’s] about opening up a store in Guiones,” said Benet.

They wanted to open a restaurant to fill a niche they perceived in the Guiones market. “There are a lot of Americans who stay and live here,” noted Benet. “Americans like bagels, and there is no where to buy them really.”

Bagelmen’s is a chain originally created in Chicago, United States and brought to Costa Rica by the Matheson family in 2000. Their mission, according to their website is “to supply the fast food market with healthy high quality food.” Since the business came to Costa Rica 12 years ago, Bagelmen’s has opened five restaurants in different parts of the country. This will be the sixth.

Set to open by June 10th, Bagelmen’s will offer bagels, sandwiches, salads and other fast, healthy food.

According to the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, 171 foreign franchises operate approximately 900 stores in Costa Rica, and that figure keeps increasing. In 2011, 147 franchises were operating in Costa Rica. Sixty percent of foreign franchises are U.S.-based. 



More Entertainment News

Culture Has New Home in Nicoya

On Friday May 25th, about 600 Nicoyans witnessed the opening of a new Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture). The new arts building opened its doors in the same spot where the old wooden structure stood. The building has been completely redone, with an investment of 93 million colones.

Samara's Art: A New Attraction for Tourists

If the beauty of Samara Beach is not enough, now you can also explore the beauty of the local art galleries through a new art gallery walking tour featuring unique and creative artistic expression. The Samara & Carrillo Info Center, located across from Hotel Giada, will get you started on the free self-guided tour.

Raising Malacrianza
Interview with Mario Urbina Leal

The bull Malacrianza was at the fiestas in Garza Beach Saturday April 21 and as usual stunned everyone. The fame of this animal is known throughout the country and attracts crowds every time there is a bull riding event. But have you ever wondered who had the boldness to raise Malacrianza?

The Mystery Behind the "Singing" Suitcase

It's almost eleven o'clock and those seeking a break from the high midday temperatures take a seat on one of the benches under the shade of the trees in Nicoya's Central Park. Suddenly the air is filled with the rhythm of marimba and sabanero shouts—all sounds of Guanacaste. Are there fiestas in Nicoya? No. Is there some sort of special celebration going on? Not quite.

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